Southwest Inspo II

for part I…

Today was the first day that I dressed in something other than an elastic waist for a day at home in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. I think I must have confused the Pamper Pirate and husband as I diverged from pajamas, athleisure, and sweatsuits. The outfit was built upon a new Ralph Lauren southwest sweater and actually be appropriate outside of flat, albeit during warmer weather. Here is counting down to when the steppe thaws and my family is vaccinated. I will stunt in some next level outfits. I cannot wait to wear shoes other than my L.L.Bean Boots out and about. Shedding the Canada Goose coat and wearing a pair of Sarah Flint Natalie flats cannot come soon enough.

the baseball tee

I have mentioned it before, but the baseball tee is vintage. My parents were rock and rollers before I came along. While my parents were dating, they and a group of their friends went to a Rolling Stones Hampton Roads concert date. As my dad tells it, it was a general admission show. The entire group sprinted to get a plum standing spot in the venue when the gates opened.

the sweater

There is no doubt that I am a fan of the Ralph Lauren Polo and Double RL lines. This Ralph Lauren southwest cardigan sweater is from the Polo line and a hero item for not only this look but also my entire closet. It initially sold out in all sizes so I subsequently bookmarked it on my iPhone browser. I checked the link at least twice a day. Finally it was available in a size larger than the one I typically wear. I ordered it on the spot. I love the slouchiness and how forgiveable it is now that I have gained some post-intercontinental moving pounds.


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