Sunglasses are one of my favorite items to shop. While not all styles fit all faces, height does not come into question when finding a pair that works. As opposed to a pair of denim or even a dress, a pair of sunglasses does not have the potential to trigger a total dressing room meltdown. #tallgirlproblems #tallgirlsolutions

I rarely go without wearing a pair of sunglasses outside as evidenced throughout my blog. My eyes are photophobic to the degree that I was informed by my optometrist that I was not, in fact, a candidate for Lasik eye surgery. Not only is wearing a pair more comfortable, but I am especially fond of being able to skip eye makeup.

Ray-Ban, Karen Walker, Krewe. I am always on the lookout for the next big eyewear brand. And I found it. Peep the pink pair below:

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