Mother Tucker!

Much to my delight, Tucker continues to release cotton collection items. I purchased this dress in what now seems like an eternity ago and have been wearing it since spring sprang. First 80 degree day of the year? Wore it. My birthday? Wore it. Doctor’s visit? Wore it. Wednesday? Wore it.

While I was drawn to the Tucker brand over a decade ago for the signature silk, I enjoy the easiness of the Tucker cotton collection. Though I take good care of my clothes, there is no doubt that I wear them hard. Summers sweating it out on the sidewalks in the city inevitably yield glow. In this respect, the cotton collection beats the silk collection. The ability to toss a dress in the wash at the end of the wear is superior to running it to the cleaners… And remembering to pick it up… Not only is the care of the dress more streamlined and economical, but the cotton collection washes beautifully. The photo above was taken after four washes.

And the Cotton Safari Dress is not a fluke! Tucker gifted me the Cotton Laura Dress and though I have only washed and worn it once (mind you, it has been in my possession for a mere week), it remains as crisp and vibrant as it was when I received it. Important note: sizing wise the Cotton Safari Dress runs large and the Cotton Laura Dress runs true to size.

The Tucker Cotton Collection is the ideal line for moms everywhere.  Baby bodily functions necessitate several clothing changes per day and yes, I am speaking from experience. My first concern after getting spit up on while wearing the Cotton Safari Dress (or the Cotton Laura Dress as I am certain that will happen soon enough) is cleaning up the Pamper Pirate; I know that I can just throw the dress in the washer and it will be ready to wear the next day.

Tucker makes motherhood look chic.

pink and orange floral dress

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