Tall Tuesday: AGOLDE

I discovered the best denim cutoff short for the tall gal. The AGOLDE Parker Short comes in a long option and when I tell you it is ideal for the six foot, two inch frame, I am not kidding.

The brand AGOLDE might feel familiar because it sounds like Adriano Goldschmied. Goldschmied could be credited with leading the premium denim boom of the 2000s. He was the genius behind AG Denim, Diesel, the 1969 Gap line, and more. Like past brands, his latest project, AGOLDE, is based in Los Angeles. This ostensibly is part of the price driver behind the shorts, but believe me when I tell you that the AGOLDE Parker Long Short is worth the price tag.

Also believe me when I say that I will be on the lookout this weekend for Memorial Day sales on the AGOLDE Parker Long Short in washes other than the Skywave wash that I already own. Size-wise, you have to look in the mirror and get really real about your size. This is not the time to be optimistic. I went with a size 34 because I knew the denim for the wash I wanted did not have stretch and my Kazakhstan sedentary lifestyle has compounded with a winter weight gain. The result? A pair of shorts that fit right now and make me feel fantastic.

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