Hope Macaulay Knits

Hope Macaulay knits are on sale this weekend only with code KNITWEAR10. With sweaters climbing into price points in the thousand dollar range, shoppers stand to save up to a hundred dollars. I have said it before and I will say it again. I never promised you a budget blog, but damn if I do not love a bargain.

Hope Macaulay is an actual person; the knitwear designer is a twenty-something Irish textile design wunderkind known for her chunky knits. The made-to-order products are ethically produced in Northern Ireland by a team of artisans and seamstresses, Hope included. The merino wool is ethically sourced as well, though Hope Macaulay also produces vegan (acrylic) knit options in all of the styles.

I discovered Hope Macaulay via Free People; the bohemian style retailer is a stockist of the small business though the products constantly sell out. Others have discovered the brand via the media, as it has been featured in the glossies from Vogue to Elle to Vanity Fair to the New York Times.

I always encourage consumers to educate themselves on the return process prior to making orders. This is all the more important with is a steep price points. Hope Macaulay returns must be made within fourteen days of order delivery.

Though I have not placed my order (yet?), these are my top ten Hope Macaulay knit favorites:

clockwise from top left: Bella Colossal Knit Jacket (vegan, merino wool) // Wonderland Chunky Cardigan (merino wool) // Velma Colossal Knit Jacket (merino wool) // Fiori Colossal Knit Jacket (vegan, merino wool) // Colossal Chunky Knit Jumper (merino wool) // Enchanted Chunky Knit Jumper (merino wool) // Block Orange Colossal Knit Jacket (biodegradable nylon) // Sky Blue Colossal Knit Coat (vegan, merino) // Neptune Colossal Knit Jacket (vegan, merino wool) // Peony Colossal Knit Jacket (vegan, merino wool) // Paradise Colossal Knit Jacket (merino wool)

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