Stripe & Stare: 🍋

Today’s Stripe & Stare pajamas are easy peasy lemon squeezy like Sunday morning.

the Stripe & Stare set

The founders of Stripe & Stare were on the hunt for the ideal pair of “knickers.” Six years of research and development later, and the brand was established across the pond in 2017. The styles are made of the sustainable material Tencel, which is quite comfortable. So much so, that I ordered four sets of pajamas from the brand.

I love that the Stripe & Stare sets run long. While they have 29 inch-ish inseams, the legging effect is in order. The pants, as well as the shirts.

The downside is that the fabric of which my Stripe & Stare sets are made does tend to run in the way that tights sometimes run. Tencel is very delicate in that way, but the comfort factor outweighs the lack of resiliency of the fabric. I would also avoid wearing these pajamas in public as the fabric is ever-so-slightly sheer, in the way that you can see the pocket lining on the pants.

the hair towel

This hair towel revolutionized my morning prep routine. Specifically while I was pregnant with the Pamper Pirate, reporting to the office for a forty hour work day, and wanting to maximize my sleeping time, the towel was my morning MVP. It was the second step of my morning, only after a shower. Breakfast, dressing, and a makeup application preceded the five-to-eight minutes of drying and styling hair. These days, if i am not going anywhere, I just keep my hair buttoned in the towel and forget about it.

Not only is the fabric super absorbant but compared to a standard towel, it is much more gentle on the tresses. Typical hair towels are heavy and in my experience, pull my hair at the hairline.

Not only did I gift my sister one, but I own two so I will always have a clean one.


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