The Nordstrom Sale

We are in the thick of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It bears repeating: I do not understand the hype some bloggers rev about the sale. I will never be that blogger that advises to get the Nordstrom store credit card in order to catch that early access and you should not be that consumer.

I will be that blogger that says that no matter how much you save on the sale, you save even more by not shopping it at all. My husband once used that line on me and it has always stuck.

Last month I had the conversation with myself about what I would be interested in purchasing should it go on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I had a tightly curated list of brands that I would be interested in purchasing should it go on sale. Unfortunately, Nordstrom went with the status quo selection of brands, both in-house and not. I was out of luck with most of my selections. Good for the wallet and the [admittedly, rather bloated] closet.

Much of my beauty picks are going on sale; it is a great opportunity to stock up for the eighteen months of time left we have on the Central Asia steppe. Counting down on our time here by way of luxury beauty products, is there anything better?

Goal: Bring no toiletry back, no toiletry [save for travel size] left behind. On that note, I will be shopping for travel size options.

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