Stripe & Stare: ๐Ÿ’•

Yet another Stripe & Stare set. You know the drill!

After the jump, the only watermelon margarita recipe you need this summer.

the Stripe & Stare set

Perhaps it is wrong to promote a British brand on the Fourth of July, but I have always been a bit subversive. This one is for my friends across the pond!

The founders of Stripe & Stare were on the hunt for the ideal pair of โ€œknickers.โ€ Six years of R&D later, and the brand was established in 2017. The styles are made of the sustainable material Tencel, which is quite comfortable. (No joke, it is the Pamper Pirate’s favorite to cuddle up.) So much so, that I ordered five sets of pajamas and counting from the brand.

I love that the styles run long. While they have 29 inch-ish inseams, the legging effect is in order meaning that they stretch to accommodate.

The downside is that the fabric does tend to run in the way that tights sometimes run. Tencel is very delicate in that way, but the comfort factor outweighs the lack of resiliency of the fabric. I would also avoid wearing these pajamas in public as the fabric is ever-so-slightly sheer, in the way that you can see the pocket lining – and my cellulite but whatever! – on the pants. In our home, comfort rules and all bodies are beautiful!

the sunglasses

The sunglasses are Krewe, a new-ish company (established in 2013) based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. If you new here, Krewe was a Lucindervention mainstay, at least until unsavory information about company leadership arose last summer. Though the frame design (the Octavia, Beyoncรฉ has been spotted in them too so we are basically bffs, nbd) is amazing, the company culture and reputation can be tough to swallow.

I struggle to separate art from the artist. Le sigh. With that, I will not be buying into the brand, but will continue to wear that frames I purchased prior to 2020. Hindsight: 2020?

hoodie: Stripe & Stare (also on sale here) // pants: Stripe & Stare (also on sale here) //sunglasses: Krewe (also here) // earrings: J.Crew // watch: Cartier (also here) // gummy bracelet: David Yurman // beaded bracelet: DIY // drinking glass: Crate & Barrel

watermelon margarita recipe

1 oz fresh squeeze lime juice
2 oz Cointreau
2 oz tequila
4-6 oz watermelon ๐Ÿ‰ juice from fruit

  1. Squeeze lime juice into a cup / jar / small bowl
  2. Dampen rim of cocktail glass with lime peel
  3. Salt rim of glass and place in freezer
  4. Blend de-seeded watermelon in blender or food processor
  5. Run watermelon through strainer into a bowl, remove pulp from strainer
  6. Add watermelon juice, lime juice, Cointreau, and tequila to cocktail shaker, shake
  7. Add three to four ice cubes to now-frosted glass
  8. Pour drink through strainer to glass


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