Fit-my e-ring again-ness 8

We are wrapping up the push-up challenge this week. One of my best friends and former grad school roommates and I have been building to twenty push-ups. Sure they are modified but I can speak for myself when I say the my starting point was zero upper body strength.

Perhaps this month, I will take on the challenge again or find another one guiding of upgrading my push-ups to toes.

I have been incorporating planks in my workouts in order to minimize any shock to my body that the thirty day plank challenge may bring. Over the course of working out at home since mid-January, I have been able to increase planking from two to four sets of thirty seconds to fifty-five seconds each. The challenge my husband and I are doing starts at twenty seconds and builds to five minutes. Aggressive, I know, but I think the saving grace will be that one plank a day will be required of me. It is all mental right?

If you are interested in joining in*, this is the map of the challenge as numbered by day:

  1. 20 seconds
  2. 20 seconds
  3. 30 seconds
  4. 30 seconds
  5. 30 seconds
  6. Rest
  7. 45 seconds
  8. 45 seconds
  9. 60 seconds
  10. 60 seconds
  11. 60 seconds
  12. 90 seconds
  13. Rest
  14. 100 seconds
  15. 110 seconds
  16. 120 seconds
  17. 120 seconds
  18. 150 seconds
  19. Rest
  20. 150 seconds
  21. 150 seconds
  22. 180 seconds
  23. 180 seconds
  24. 210 seconds
  25. 210 seconds
  26. Rest
  27. 250 seconds
  28. 250 seconds
  29. 280 seconds
  30. 300 seconds

*I am not a certified / licensed fitness trainer, nor medical professional. As always, run this by your doctor.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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