Fit-my e-ring again-ness 16

We are getting back into the post-vacation routine now that we returned from our month/long trip to the states. It took us from Saturday to Thursday to get the Pamper Pirate on Central Asian time. Poor guy fell asleep in his high chair at lunch in a restaurant last week…and once this week!

As long as the Pamper Pirate was not on local time, we were unable to get back into our weekday routine which includes a thirty minute weight workout for mom. But now that our bodies have adjusted to the jet lag, we returned to our daily routine!

On Sunday, I made the goal of doing four weight workouts and two runs. I knocked out the former in the first four days of the week and even went beyond by one. The latter had to wait until Saturday and Sunday.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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