On Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion is plaguing both Instagram and personal style blogs. I am here to say that I am not here for it.

Whenever I see a blogger round up “Amazon Finds” or post an Instagram Reel of the latest “Amazon haul” or even an LTK Amazon collage, I find myself wondering about the provenance of the items. Are the items from third party brands or an Amazon private label akin to Revolve’s stable of in-house brands? Is the manufacturing responsible and ethical? Is it fast fashion? Is it really any better than Shein, Zara, or F21? I need more transparency.

And yet, I am left with more questions. Does Amazon fashion encompass the random items featured on “Amazon Finds” posts or do the name brands that sell via Amazon also fall within the parameters? What kind of implications do the name brands face in order to sell via the online retailer-slash-marketplace? Regardless of how much or how little a name brand has to ante up, it seems more responsible as a consumer to order directly from the brand.

Aside from the environment and social implications of the garment, I do not frequently find the apparel to be aesthetically pleasing. Between the colors, prints, fabrics, and even shapes, I find Amazon Fashion to be uninspiring. Like the “ordered this, received this” meme, it is difficult to reconcile my expectations. As a result, I just do not make the purchase.

I also need someone to explain The Drop to me. Are these influencer-backed merchandise roll outs designed by the influencer? Curated by the influencer? Are they aware of the provenance of the selection? Inquiring minds need to know.

And another question: are bloggers just dropping copious cookies for your inevitable weekly Amazon order? Food for thought.

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