Year of Less (239/365)

No purchases this week, with the exception of two sets of Petite Plume pajamas for the Pamper Pirate.

Post COVID-19 social isolation, there were many packages were waiting for us at the mailroom. Most of the orders I loved but one – the most expensive – I am sending back today as it just did not meet my expectations.

I love my two sets of monogrammed pajamas from Petite Plume. In a particularly gutsy move, I ordered both with monograms having never tried on a set. The Pamper Pirate is a Petite Plume fan; I love the quality which is how I had such confidence in my order. I will likely order the palm print for the Pamper Pirate so we can officially start our Mommy and Me matching pajama chapter. I know he won’t let me dress him forever, so I am intent on enjoying our twinning now.

Speaking of mommy and me statements, the Roxanne Assoulin MAMA bracelet exceeded my expectations. In fact, I have not removed it from my wrist since immediately slipping it on after unboxing.

The third Apotheke candle, third pair of socks for him, and lavender long torso swimsuit finally arrived from J.Crew. These were July 4th sale purchases.

After seemingly years of being unavailable, Louis Vuitton finally restocked agendas. I believe most of the canvas ones have since sold out. As soon as my sixth sense for LV alerted me, I ordered my Damier Ebene canvas agenda with gold stamped monogram on the interior. My Coach agenda, which I have had since my birthday in 2007, is truly on its last leg and I am slightly terrified that something may fall out during international travel.

The orange Sarah Flint Grear sandals, which I scored on a Friends and Family sale, are phenomenal. I do not know how I did not manage to capture a photo of the juicy shade.

Not so juicy? The orange La Vie Style House Guipere Lace Kaftan. I had such high hopes for it; I am so excited for it to arrive. Yet it was not the delicious orange shade I was looking forward to sporting. Rather it was a burnt orange hue that left me disappointed.

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