My E-ring Fits Again! 31

I ran too long / fast / aggressive during my last NRC adventure. What I initially believed to be a particularly sore calve ended up being a knee injury. Both calves, right more than the left, were sore on the day I went out running; I suspect that my right knee in particular compensated. Since the day after, my knee has nearly buckled a few times. As such, I have passed on running since then.

In reverse chronological order, these are the runs from the NRC in which I have enjoyed survived:

  • Fuel the Run with Shalane // 33 minutes
  • 3K Walk Backs // 3k meters
  • Fifteen Minute Headstarts // 15 minutes
  • A New Run // 25 minutes
  • Today’s 30 Minute Walk // 30 minutes
  • First Long Run // 35 minutes
  • unguided run // 20 minutes
  • Next Run // 22 minutes
  • Fifteen Minute Run // 15 minutes
  • Running for More: Purpose // 20 minutes
  • Celebration Run // 25 minute run
  • Tough Day Easy Run // 20 minute run
  • First Run // 20 minute run
  • Running for More: Connections // 25 minute run

Instead of running or even doing strength exercises in which I use my legs, I have been rotating through arm, back, abdominal, and chest exercises. In lieu of one hundred weighted squats, deadlifts, and calf raises, I substituted tricep dips, curls, shoulder presses, rows, and hammer curls.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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