My E-ring Fits Again! 32

My knee is still giving me trouble from that long run three weeks ago. As such, I have continued to alternate arm workouts with back, core, and low impact leg exercises. I am getting amped to go running again although when I do so, I am going to run the shortest NRC options possible.

In reverse chronological order, these are the runs from the NRC in which I have enjoyed survived:

  • Fuel the Run with Shalane // 33 minutes
  • 3K Walk Backs // 3k meters
  • Fifteen Minute Headstarts // 15 minutes
  • A New Run // 25 minutes
  • Today’s 30 Minute Walk // 30 minutes
  • First Long Run // 35 minutes
  • unguided run // 20 minutes
  • Next Run // 22 minutes
  • Fifteen Minute Run // 15 minutes
  • Running for More: Purpose // 20 minutes
  • Celebration Run // 25 minute run
  • Tough Day Easy Run // 20 minute run
  • First Run // 20 minute run
  • Running for More: Connections // 25 minute run

I need to start thinking about the month challenge for October. The last challenge I completed was triceps for July and I contemplated an encore of the plank challenge for August. Perhaps a core exercise is exactly what I need for autumn; however instead of planking, I will consider either sit-ups or crunches.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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