Festive Fair Isle Sweater

What I wore to the company holiday party… 🎄🎄🎄

the Mavi kendra straight leg denim

Mavi is selling out of the 36 inch inseam denim and for good reason. The Kendra, and I assume the Molly bootcut as well, is just a really fantastic fit. I actually suspect that the denim is longer than cited; I love this because I am able to throw the denim in the dryer without having to worry about length shrinkage.

While I attempted to wear this in a size 30 waist, I exchanged them for a size 31. However once the larger option arrived, I ended up ordering the original size 30 (on Black Friday special) to my friend’s home on the east coast. The half marathon training facilitated dropping inches from my waist, noted every time I have to pull up the size 31 pair.

Here is hoping that Mavi restocks both the Kendra and the Molly in the 36 inch inseams.

the Brooks Brothers wool fair isle sweater

This is the fair isle sweater my closet has been missing. There are four reasons that I love this sweater:

  • This sweater is one hundred percent lambswool and not some sad, cheap, synthetic amalgam. Acrylic and poly blends, gag me!
  • The cut of this sweater fits the tall gal. I am wearing a size large. The sleeves are just the right length without sacrificing the fit at the arm hole. The length is perfect for a mid rise denim or even a skirt. I would not wear it with a low rise pair of denim as it may leave mid section exposed, but really what business do I have wearing a pair of low rise denim anyways?
  • I love the colors in this sweater. They are festive but do not scream holiday. Therefore this sweater can be sported until the frigid temperatures of February into March. You know I am a price per wear enthusiast.
  • On that note, I bought this sweater on sale from 198 dollars to just over one hundred dollars. For a lambswool sweater that I can wear from the chillier days of autumn to the sloshier days of spring, this sweater is a fantastic value.

sweater: Brooks Brothers • jeans: Mavi • boots: L.L.Bean • earrings: J.Crew • initial necklace: Maya Brenner via Baublebar • watch: Cartier (also here)

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