Fewer + Better (72/365)

I put in an order from Goop: the shampoo that got me through our time in Astana, facial moisturizer, and a rose quartz roller. (No, not the egg, you weirdo.) Though GP’s retail arm gets a lot of flack and I can only speak to a select number of releases, the pink Himilayan salt shampoo is nothing if not luxurious. I love the way not only my hair, but my scalp feels, post washing. An MVP (most valuable product) from the Goop lineup. Time will tell with the remaining two products.

The LTK Spring sale was last weekend and I took advantage to try the long length pants from Abercrombie & Fitch and while I was at it, I completed the circa 2001 ensemble with the lace trim tank. Maybe it is my three year stint into motherhood that is reverting me back to my youth? Maybe it is our return stateside? IDK, living in Asia changes you.

I have been curious about the length of pants for the *new* Abercrombie & Fitch for awhile. Never forget that this was the first retail outpost that carried 36 inch inseam women’s denim in store. Never forget the slouchy bootcut jean.

Standby for pant feedback.

I ordered four items from the Barry’s store: a Lululemon sports bra, Lululemon running legging, half zip and a Lululemon Swiftly Tech tank.

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