Spring Capsule Wardrobe V

The only skirt you need remains on weekly rotation. This week it is remixed with acquisitions from the past six months, both certain to be closet classics.

the marie marot x j.crew silk tuxedo top

Marie Marot, a French shirt brand named for its founder, collaborated with J.Crew this past holiday. This shirt came from the collection, ordered while we were still in KZ, to my east coast address.

The shirt is silk, not some bastard poly blend. Full disclosure, there are three challenges when it comes to this shirt: it wrinkles easily, the glossy finish is not the most flattering, and the tie cannot be fastened to the shirt. (A button on the back of the collar would have upgraded the design.) Since it is made of silk, the tie can easily slip-slide out of the loop in the back. The tie makes the shirt though, so I don’t want to lose it!

The quality of the shirt is unparalleled to anything I have purchased from J.Crew within the past year, save for my favorite skirt. Rather than in a small / medium / large size range, it was offered in numbered sizing. I am wearing this shirt in a size twelve. It was not available in tall but it as I intend to wear it tucked in, a longer length is not as necessary. The regular length tucks in just fine.

the banana republic factory store trench coat

This coat is something else. I bought it on deep promotion from Banana Republic Factory Store for about fifty dollars off for a total of eighty dollars.

It is fantastic and worth every dollar. I have one major critique, however, and it is something that even my husband picked up on. The epaulettes are…oversized. It is not such a huge issue that I was completely turned away from the coat; I think it can be altered with the additional epaulette fabric eliminated. On the upside, the coat has the most lovely tan lining detail, setting it apart from the typical trench coat.

I am wearing this coat in a size large tall.

trench coat: Banana Republic Factory Store • shirt: J.Crew • skirt: J.Crew • heels: J.Crew Factory • sunglasses: Karen Walker • scrunchie: Jennifer Behr x Loveshackfancy • earrings: J.Crew Factory • bracelet: Baublebar • ring: Kendra Scott • watch: Cartier (also here)

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