Tall Tuesday: Buckle

Buckle, ever a stalwart purveyor of long denim. We go back to 2004, when I started working at the mall staple.

But before I started working there, I shopped there. It was one of the few stores that carried 36″ and 37″ inseam denim. The high I used to get by walking out of a store having purchased a pair of denim that fit my tall frame. I distinctly recall shopping for a pair of Lucky Brand denim (back when The Buckle carried Lucky Brand), prior to going on a date. Let’s just say I owned the jeans longer than I dated the guy. (What was his name? Brad? Thad? Chad?)

Later that summer, I started working at the Buckle. When I shopped there, I knew that that the store carried a lot of jeans; however only a few were long enough for me. When I started working there, I was shocked and initially overwhelmed by the number of options those who did not require the long lengths had. I can still tell you about BKE, Silver, Lucky Brand, Big Star, and Miss Me denim and how each style circa 2004 to 2006 fit.

These days, while the Buckle still carries extra long denim, there has been brand turnover. I do not even think the Buckle carries Lucky Brand anymore, definitely not in the 36 inch inseam on which I relied to keep my ankles covered. Granted, I cannot even find that long length on Lucky Brand’s own site. But that is neither here or there. The Buckle still stocks extra long length denim and I rounded up my favorites.

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