Fewer + Better (156/365)

After shopping Memorial Day Sales, I needed to take another shopping diet. Starting Q3 especially picky…

The dresses from Abercrombie & Fitch were…not great. I ordered them both in an extra large tall. Each were too large. While I loved the print itself on the printed one, the shape and the empire waist in particular, felt out of proportion for someone standing over six feet tall. The white activewear dress could have work, but it was just too large. The area under the armpits was especially roomy; just lifting my arms up highlighted this issue. As I mentioned, I am one picky biotch; however if I note the latter one, the white activewear one, going on deep markdown, I will consider purchasing it in a smaller size. Note: A&F does charge for returns shipping. (The nearest store to me is in neighboring New Jersey and the half hour drive includes bridges and a toll and I would just rather not deal with that.)

I bought the Lululemon Sculpt Tank because the brand recently updated the style. The mesh at the back with a slit across the shoulders has been eliminate on the new model. As a runner, that was a design feature that I really enjoyed. I only realized this after my last purchase of a Sculpt Tank. The new design is fine, but I wanted to grab as many of the last version as I could. As such, I added the pale blue shade to my running wardrobe.

I had to return the two swimsuits from my J.Crew order. The one sleeve style just feels too risky to wear, especially in front of family. The search for a swimsuit continues. The Baird McNutt linen dress from J.Crew is potentially a keeper; I have not decided just yet. I ordered it in a size medium tall and while it does feel like a relaxed fit as advertised, it feels more fitted across the legs.

Finally, I just really love these headbands from the Roller Rabbit x Lele Sadoughi collaboration. These are going to be perfect for this summer, especially since the majority of my headband collection is somewhere in between Philadelphia and Astana.

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