Well Heeled

In recent days, I have found so many pairs of chic shoes. Not necessarily designer shoes, but relatively affordable pairs from stores where the typical gal shops. Plaid, velvet, embellished, cap toe, and tartan with ornamentation galore. I credit the holiday for bringing the shoe-tiful bounty. I will be stalking them for markdowns. row 1:Β polka-dot [...]

Breaking Plaid Part II featuring Hotel Marblehead

Breaking Plaid Part II featuring Hotel Marblehead

for part II... Last week, I wrote about mixing patterns. Decidedly inspired by Blair Waldorf, seasoned in the art of combining floral / plaids / dots / gingham, I started walking on the wild side circa 2007. I am not saying that I am an expert at print mixing, but yes, yes I am. For [...]

Tartan Footprint

Tartan is so hot right now. In holiday seasons past, I had to hunt down classic tartan pieces. Not so in 2018. Every brand and it's sister brand has a variety of tartan pieces and I. AM. HERE FOR IT!Β The plaid has become so common that brands are making tartan pieces in tall. We are [...]