Metal Heart

The husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Petit Mort as well as two new ballets last Saturday. I attended the technical rehearsal for the last ballet in the sequence this past Wednesday night. A technical rehearsal was most definitely required as there was a huge stairwell on caster wheels that was moved around the stage by the dancers. At the end of the rehearsal, the dancers did a full dress of the ballet and it was ever-impressive.

What happened Saturday night impressed me even more. Towards the climax of the ballet, the stairs were to be pushed across the stage in its entirety wide-ways. There was then a combination on the stage left with about sixteen dancers. The stairs got stuck at the center-to-stage left, where the combination was to be danced. The cast must have some next level ESP because they all knew not only to dance the combination on stage right but also how to adjust their formations and choreography to the alternate space.

I don’t know if anyone who had not seen the ballet the way it was meant to be danced would have known that thanks to the stairs, it shook out otherwise.

The dress I originally planned to wear for the ballet fit a bit too tight, so I wore a dress that has been previously seen on the blog. It is such a great backup dress that I never end up disappointed in having to use a backup dress. The asymmetrical neckline is so architectural, the fabric is great quality, and it was available in tall. My only regret is that I wish I had purchased it in the pale pink colorway as well as the dark teal.


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Think Off White The Box

Last weekend I unpacked a few garments that I have not worn since at late-winter 2015. I once read that the majority of people associate specific smells with the past. I associate articles of my own clothing with events and periods of time of my past. There is certainly comfort in the familiar, and this particular skirt reminds me of the time when I was fiercely independent. Took help from no one, not even my fiance, whom I did not move in with until after a solid six months after we were engaged. (I think the fact that we were in a bicoastal relationship had something to do with it. Just a hunch…)

Back then my daily routine was an early (albeit not as early as my current) wake up, around 6:30 am. Local news followed by Good Morning America on the television as I prepared for work. If it was a Monday, my lunches for the week got packed into my go-to L.L.Bean Boat and Tote, along with a pair of work heels and a set of gym clothes. If it was not Monday and my lunches were already in the work refrigerator, then I brought my gym clothes for the remainder of the week. My walk to work was just under two miles and about three quarters of the way up Book Hill in Georgetown. Despite the uphill walk, it was so idyllic; something of which I will always have fond memories while walking past the upscale bridal shops, Britt Ryan, and Dalton Pratt. Crunching through the sidewalk salt in a pair of L.L.Bean boots, wearing the J.Crew shirttail hem mini, J.Crew cocoon coat, and the sweater of the day, all but one particular day this outfit kept me sufficiently warm. Thank goodness for the Georgetown Circulator and a very convenient bus route.

About nine hours and one bowl of Sunday-prepared slow cooker chili later, I left for the gym. After one particular day that I nearly slipped and slid down Book Hill while hustling down in a pair of J.Crew flats, I embraced a standard of procedure to change into my gym clothes and winter boots at the office before packing away this skirt and the sweater of the day and tracking down to the Georgetown location of Washington Sports Club. I loved that my gym was on the way home from my office and the time spent walking there every evening was spent on the phone, catching up with my mom, grandma, or sister.

I am sure many people may think this routine was mundane, but my eight-to-five most definitely kept it otherwise. I had enough insight to look around and smell the roses and recognize how damn lucky I was. When I put on this skirt, I go back to that studio apartment, my office, my walks around my neighborhood.


coat // blouse (old, J.Crew, size 4 tall via eBay) // skirt (old, J.Crew, size 4 tall via eBaysize 10 via eBayalternate colors via eBay) // tights // purse (old, Kate Spade) // heels (old, Cole Haan) // sunglasses // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // ring

Thinking Cap

Cap toe shoes are so hot right now. It is my belief that they have never actually been out of style as they are a total classic; rather the design feature is just experiencing the trickle down effect as explained by Miranda Priestley monologue in regards to the color cerulean.

Earlier this summer, I went on the hunt for some cap toe heels. I scored these (worn in this post) and pinned a few other pairs as those I wanted to keep my eye on. Cap toe flats. Cap toe sling backs. Cap toe heels. Cap toe boots. Sign me up for all of them.


clockwise from top left: cutout with grosgrain cap toe // pump with patent cap toe // cutout (similar style) // slingback (also available in white / black and black / black) // pump // suede cutout (also available in gray patent / gray)

One only needs a single pair of black cap toe / neutral pink pump in the closet. Let’s not get too insane with multiple, near identical shoes, amirite? There are so any options and price points to choose from though. Full pump, slingbacks, cut outs.



clockwise from top left: black / black pumps // black quilted pumps // navy / black slingbacks // velvet slingbacks // oxblood ankle boots // ballet pink quilted pumps // gray suede slingbacks // black quilted block heel

On the other hand, I want nearly all of the above cap toe styles. My three favorites are the oxblood ankle boots, gray suede slingbacks, and calf hair / satin toe pumps.




All I Want for Christmas is Blue

The husband and I attended The Nutcracker ballet last Saturday evening. As we are members of the Pennsylvania Ballet, it was something that we looked forward to all holiday season. I was disappointed that we were unable to get tickets for before Christmas, but as it turned out it allowed us stretch out the holiday just a little longer and that was okay by me.


I wore the same outfit to The Nutcracker that I wore to Christmas Eve dinner. I stand by wearing easy dresses for occasions such as these, and this velvet number was perfect. I love that I do not have to wear any shapewear beneath it, only standard underpants and a pair of opaque tights. While I initially yearned for the emerald green colorway, it was not available in my size and I was in a time crunch for something to wear. (Sidebar: this dress comes in tall.) This ended up being a good thing as the navy / black mix felt more unexpected.

The coat over my shoulders? A vintage Perry Ellis from my husband’s closet. (I linked a similar men’s blazer.) I knew I needed to wear is as it was the perfect outer piece for the black tights and navy dress. It just proves that you can (and SHOULD) break that old rule and mix the two colors.

 dress // coat // tights // heels // / necklace // similar // bracelet // earrings // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // quatrefoil ring // clutch (similar)

Don’t Book Back

This year it is decided. I am going to read more books.

As part of one of my resolutions, I am not going to buy more books. Why? Because my iBooks queue is beyond backed up and I have more hard copy books that our bookshelves can handle. That four by four in the background of the above photos is only one of three in our apartment. Yes, to be fair only half of the space is taken up by books, but regardless of whatever space I may have, I think I should not add to that until I finish reading what I have. And what he has. The Keith Richards memoir? I will be reading that after I finish the Jane Austen compilation. It is all about balance, you know?

Don't Book BackIMG_1473IMG_1463In the meantime, I will leave you with my favorite books read in 2017:

dress (℅ Long Tall Sally) // pumps (old, similar, similar) // necklace (old) // green stone cuff // earrings (old, similar) // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // bow cuff (℅ Mignon Faget) //  quatrefoil ring // beaded ring (℅ Mignon Faget)

All You Tweed Is Love

The husband and I made our way to Center City on Sunday. I had plans to hit A.C.Moore and stock up on arts and crafts supplies to put under the trees of less fortunate families. This year has been so full of blessings that I could not help but pay it forward.

As we walked past Philadelphia City Hall, we noticed the Dilworth Winterfest. Dilworth Park has been converted to accommodate a ice skating rink, cocktail and food tent, garden maze, and local vendors. Very festive and it adds more zest to Center City! I can practically smell the cedar and balsam just thinking about it. 

Despite getting into the holiday spirit, the temperature was fairly temperate. Just looking out the window, I knew that I wouldn’t need a winter coat. I have been wanting to break out the Karl Lagerfeld Paris for Long Tall Sally tweed blazer since I received it earlier this autumn. Pair it with the Karl Lagerfeld Paris for Long Tall Sally houndstooth cardigan over a studded dress (last seen here) and patent heels, perfection. I would wear this outfit every winter day in perpetuity; this is how much I adore the combination.

tweed blazer (℅ Long Tall Sally) // houndstooth cardigan (℅ Long Tall Sally) // studded dress // tights // sunglasses // heels (old, similar) // purse (similar, similar) // necklace // ring

The Hookup

Does anyone else recall when J.Crew introduced The Hookup and The Breakup? The former was the pairing of a top and bottom of the same print. The latter is wearing one of them at a time. While wearing one printed piece at a time is not revolutionary, I fell in love with wearing one print top to bottom, and not in the form of a dress or jumpsuit. Something about purchasing two pieces in one print feels very luxurious, yet attainable.


I was watching season one of The City and doing some online window shopping when I found this shirt and skirt combination. As much as I fell in love with this print via the website I purchased from, photos just do not do it justice. The texture and the pattern are next level. I knew that the colors were based in a neutral palette but I was pleasantly surprised that in person the cobalt blue and petal pink pop.

A little game that I like to play is Let the Husband Style Me. I will give him the top / bottom / dress and allow him to pick shoes, jewelry, and when appropriate, outerwear. Sometimes I go with his suggestions. Sometimes I exercise my veto power. Yesterday, I kept the necklace (last seen here) he selected and I layered on pearl jewelry. I added a pair of sunglasses. I switched out the gold bangles for my bow cuffmy coil bracelets and ring. (I know, how very #standard of me.) He initially picked out a Columbia puffer vest; to his credit my faux fur vest (last seen here) was still packed up from last winter. Lastly, the gold heels he picked had to go for patent dark green heels – much more seasonally appropriate for a fifty degree day.

shirt // skirt (also herehere, and here) // vest // bag (similar) // sunglasses // bow cuff // pearl cuff // green stone cuff // black diamond cuff // quatrefoil ring // pearl earrings // pearl necklace

A Philadelphia Stepford Wife

I was so excited to join Long Tall Sally at the Philadelphia pop up shop this past Saturday. Initially overwhelmed by the selection of product at the shop, I spent the first 45 minutes of my time there publishing Instagram stories of the standout items, and guys, every piece was better than the last.

I had a great time interacting with so many other women who were members of #teamtall! I mean not only those who were shopping the pop up, but the Long Tall Sally team too. I will say that I was initially surprised that not everyone on the Long Tall Sally staff was physically part of the six foot club, but their entire team was most definitely part of it in spirit. The energy at the pop up shop was so remarkable; even my husband could not keep from tapping his toes to Olivia Newton John’s Physical.

I paired the leather coat with a Stepford Wife-esque shaped dress. I love that it makes the dress a touch edgier. A note about the cut on the coat: perfection. Long in the torso, long in the sleeves. The armpits do not fall towards the ribcage in the way that standard sizes do. As I mentioned to Courtney, one of the Long Tall Sally team members, I cannot wait to wear the coat over a gown to the ballet this winter!

The husband and I took a second to take a walk in the park across from the pop up shop location, just before joining the pop up. While many people walking around outside were bundled up, the sun was shining bright and warming the park. This might have been the last day this year for me to go bare-legged though. I nearly turned into an icicle during the ten foot walk from the restaurant door to the Lyft later that night.

dress (℅ Long Tall Sally) // leather coat (℅ Long Tall Sally) // pump (old, similar) // sunglasses // necklace // bracelet // earrings // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // quatrefoil ring

Winter Blues

Philadelphia was hit with snow last Thursday. Although it was only a minor storm, the snowfall was enough to shut down offices across the region. Cut to two days later on Saturday, when the temperatures returned to the 50s and all reminders of the snowstorm had disappeared. 

I have discussed my love for tall-sized outerwear in the past. While J.Crew offers their styles in Nelo Gori, I have found that Gap and Banana Republic offer even their winter styles in lighter fabrics. While it would not have been an appropriate layer for last Thursday, this fabric happened to be perfect for Saturday when I needed a coat for a mild winter day. I find that the outerwear styles, from all of the brands, fit true to size.

There was a certain time during high school when mainstream retailers were releasing rhinestone embellished jeans, leather separates, and metallic pieces. I credit the theatrical release and success of The Matrix. Unfortunately I rarely got to wear any of these items since they never came in tall sizes. Given how I missed out, you can understand how I immediately had to buy a pair of embellished jeans when I found a pair in tall! While the waist fits true to size, the legs are especially skinny but have enough stretch to accommodate the cut.

Here is hoping that we get another snow day…or we get spring temperatures sooner than later!

blue stripe button down // rhinestone jeans // peacoat (similar) // sunglasses // watch // cable cuff with gold and pearl // quatrefoil ring //  pearl earrings //  pumps (similar)

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

My fiance and I hosted my parents for Christmas. Since we had a huge homemade meal planned for Christmas Day, we took Christmas Eve off from the kitchen and dined at Butcher and Singer.

Our meal was fantastic. I tried swordfish for the first time, in addition to ordering some favorites: oysters rockefeller, creamed spinach, asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts. I ate a few bites of my fiance’s chocolate cake and mom’s baked Alaska, and stole a forkfull of my father’s cheesecake.

Going into the dinner, I knew that I was going to be eating a lot of food; it is crucial to be able to recognize this when picking out one’s outfit for the night. Rather than wearing something with a static waistband, I opted for a dress with a touch of stretch, cropped tweed jacket, black leather gloves, black Kate Spade bag and black patent Cole Haan heels (both previously featured here).

Tights are a little trickier, especially for a taller woman. Two weeks ago, I ordered three pairs of Urban Outfitters opaque tights. I have had excellent luck with this style in the past. The pairs in my dresser are soft and do not have to stretch so much that they lose their opacity. I loved them so much that I had several pairs in black and charcoal gray, and even a lovely light gray pair. Unfortunately, I think the style has been updated through the years. After slipping into a new pair, my fiance pointed out several patches that were of varied in terms of opacity. The tights had to go back.

I purchased three pairs from J.Crew – the opaque and super opaque. Just after I hit the order button, I realized that I could be going about this all wrong and perhaps it was time to try a clothing line that exclusively releases designs for tall females. With that, I visited the Long Tall Sally online store and added two pairs to my virtual shopping bag, with plans to test them out on Christmas Eve and to return the J.Crew pairs.

The Long Tall Sally tights weren’t as opaque as I wished they would be. They were a lower rise than I am used to, probably because I tend to buy tights in medium/large or large and I bought these in a medium. There were a few moments that night that I had to excuse myself to the restroom and pull up the pair. The jury is still out on whether I am going to keep the second pair I ordered, but I am going to give them another shot on New Years Eve.

tall dress // basic opaque tight // superopaque tight // opaque tights // long tights // black leather cashmere-lined gloves // pearl necklace // quatrefoil ring // cable bracelet with pearl and gold // lip pencil // rose gold eyeshadow pallette