Metal Heart

The husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Petit Mort as well as two new ballets last Saturday. I attended the technical rehearsal for the last ballet in the sequence this past Wednesday night. A technical rehearsal was most definitely required as there was a huge stairwell on caster wheels that was moved around the stage by the dancers. At the end of the rehearsal, the dancers did a full dress of the ballet and it was ever-impressive.

What happened Saturday night impressed me even more. Towards the climax of the ballet, the stairs were to be pushed across the stage in its entirety wide-ways. There was then a combination on the stage left with about sixteen dancers. The stairs got stuck at the center-to-stage left, where the combination was to be danced. The cast must have some next level ESP because they all knew not only to dance the combination on stage right but also how to adjust their formations and choreography to the alternate space.

I don’t know if anyone who had not seen the ballet the way it was meant to be danced would have known that thanks to the stairs, it shook out otherwise.

The dress I originally planned to wear for the ballet fit a bit too tight, so I wore a dress that has been previously seen on the blog. It is such a great backup dress that I never end up disappointed in having to use a backup dress. The asymmetrical neckline is so architectural, the fabric is great quality, and it was available in tall. My only regret is that I wish I had purchased it in the pale pink colorway as well as the dark teal.


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