Peak Holiday

The Brooks Brothers November product selection is fantastic. Per usual, I lost my figurative shit over the new arrivals. I do not know why or how I managed to sleep on this brand for so long, although it was likely because it used to be challenging to find items there that fit the tall female frame.

As mentioned in one of my first blog posts, the beauty in a Brooks Brothers skirt for the tall frame, is that even when it is a mini cut, the hemline remains modest, at least in comparison with other brands. Dresses skew the same way, although a tall torso can also cause the dress to ride up in the most unfortunate fashion. 

I would wear either of these dresses to Christmas dinner, The Nutcracker, or my husband’s and my office holiday parties.

plaid dress // mockneck dress

I would wear any of these separates with what is already in my closet. That beaded blouse under my black tweed jacket? Duh.

beaded blouse // dot skirt // sequin tee

Either of these accessories would be ideal gifts to myself from myself.

drop earrings // plaid scarf

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