Counting Sheep

I am so into pajamas right now. I recently purchased a few particularly classic sets – one complete with my monogram – and I just love them.

Because it is very difficult to find pajama pants in an appropriate length (36″ or longer, s’il vous plaît) and I just do not like the way cropped length pajama pants feel creeping up, I tend to look for shorts sets, especially in the summer. Is there anything better than spending the day at the pool, applying aloe, then slipping on a pajama set and turning up the central air conditioning and taking a nap? No thinks not. #itsthelittlethings

In the case of the following sets, I found that going up a size yields the most comfortable fit and really, that is crucial for getting good sleep.

set // budget version 

black set (also here) // green set (also here) // budget version top // budget version short


printed pajamas


navy set (also available with option for monogramming here) // navy budget version // grey set (also available with option for monogramming here)

Piping Knot

Unbeknownst to her, Mignon Faget and I go way back. Way back to my freshman year of undergrad when one of the gals on the third floor of Bacot Hall loaned me some of her Mignon Faget pieces for a night out. To this day, I still am in disbelief about how trusting she was! I wouldn’t loan my Mignon Faget jewelry to a peer, let alone a Millsaps freshman away from home for the first time, on her way out to a rager on the row.

While I love Mignon Faget jewelry, I always wished that there were more pearls incorporated in the designs. The Tulip Freshwater Pearl Necklace is an all-star of my jewelry box and the minute I received it as a gift in 2007, I knew that I would have a heirloom piece for generations to come.

Recently the brand expanded the Knots and Bows line. I am sure many of you recall the Wire Knot Cuff, which I wore immediately before my wedding and all over Spain during my honeymoon. I think Mignon Faget must have heard my wish for more pearls, as the brand released the Tiny Bow Pearl Necklace, as well as a phenomenal coordinating bracelet to go along with their Twist Bow necklace. I nearly died when I opened the gift box for the Tiny Bow Pearl Necklace – in a good way. Let’s just say, that if I end up with two girls, I now have a second heirloom for the younger one. And if I only have one daughter, well, she is going to get spoiled with some beautiful jewelry.

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Spring Dreaming

I have to share that I have been sleeping on Equipment. I was originally introduced to the chic brand through Necessary and Proper. The lady of the DC-based duo, Lauren, frequently extolled the label and since I think she has excellent taste, I took her style advice.

I found an Equipment shirt that is perfection on a tall frame. Expensive? Yes, but the shirt is 100% silk and a nice departure from the polyester which brands seem to be using ad nauseum. Keep an eye out of the website because select colors do get marked down and steeply so.


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