Show Coat

Did everyone survive the polar vortex? We were getting snow up until two Fridays ago as the weather system moved from the midwest to the east coast. While it was relatively cold, the east coast did not get the below zero temperatures that the plains got. If it is cold enough to make the mechanical [...]

Button Like You

Despite the weather being in the twenties and thirties, at least on the east coast, it looks like spring has sprung at J.Crew. I am really into some of the new arrivals, especially the heels and the below dress. I would typically expect a dress like this from J.Crew to be made of some sort [...]

Spring in Your Step

J.Crew is killing the shoe game right now. I was obsessed with the heels that were released for holiday and this season...same. I mean, look at those colors! Every shade one could possibly want. Every style one could possibly want from a driving loafer to the highest of block heels. I don't know about anyone [...]

I Tweed This Blazer

It happened yet again. For the third time within six weeks, a tweed herringbone to-die-for blazer became available in tall, despite the fact that I was under the impression that it was not even produced in my size. A customer review of the product dated September 27th gave away that it was in fact available [...]



My husband and I took a tour of the Lord Baltimore Hotel with the Director of Sales last week. I love any insight I can get into historic architecture and being granted the opportunity to look at elements that are not necessarily open to the public. Did you know that this hotel is owned by [...]

Windowpane Crush

Windowpane Crush

On a recent unseasonably warm Sunday morning, my husband and I took a walk around Independence Mall. With our days in Philadelphia numbered (I officially, albeit regrettably, put in my two month notice two weeks ago), it has become all the more a priority for us to savor every last minute we have in this [...]

Going Madras

Last weekend I alluded to eBay being the ultimate catchall for the items of which I have passers' remorse. Lately I have been especially nostalgic for J.Crew of not only days, but decades past. Peak classic prep vibes with a dose of normcore is what I would love to inject in my wardrobe. Of course, I [...]