Rugby + Tweed

The grass is always green on the other side. I do not think that this cliche applies to anything more than seasons. When it is 90 degrees in summer, I cannot wait for winter layers. When it is winter, I cannot wait to shed the black opaque tights. Spring never seems long enough but the [...]

sīrsakar 2019

Within the last two weeks, retailers have released seersucker styles. I do not know about you, but this is the only evidence I need that spring is about to turn and after a long winter spent wearing black opaque tights, we can sport the seasonal summer fabric. I wrote about Capitol Hill's seersucker Thursdays last [...]

Light Tweed

There is something about wearing tweed that makes the person just look especially put together. Make it two coordinating tweed pieces and you have upgraded your look from "put together" to the "sharpest boss woman in the room." I distinctly remember my first coordinating set was from J.Crew circa fall 2012. It was the Lady [...]