Sweater Weather (but for the tall gal)

I have found sweaters to be the most challenging to find in tall sizing. Even brands that have liberally offered tall sizing in the past (looking at you J.Crew), I have found to never consider tall sizing when it comes to sweaters. Earlier this week, I bitched about not being able to find tall cashmere. Lo and behold, I found tall cashmere crewnecks, turtlenecks, and cardigans and each style in a ton of colors. You are welcome.

Additionally I found a few sweaters available in tall, though not in one hundred percent cashmere, each with fabric content did not make me immediately want to hurl.

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Tweed of Sound

Something about wearing tweed makes me feel particularly put together. Between developing an obsession for jacket and skirt sets circa 2012 and Blair Waldorf serving up spring tweed inspiration, spring tweed is a look that I love. To be honest, I do not wear it nearly enough.

As mentioned before, I cannot help but feel like a total boss while wearing tweed. Since the last and very recent blog post about seasonal spring tweed, several more styles in the fabric have landed on my radar. While not all of the pieces in the last post were not necessarily available in tall, I have been a touch more discerning for this round. I am so excited to share that all of the styles in this post are available in …(drumroll, please)… tall sizing. Yes, it is true!

left to right: dress (coordinating jacket also available; set in black and light pink also available; set in black posted on the blog here) // dress (coordinating coat also available)

Both of these sets are available exclusively in tall sizing. Rejoice! There is more tweed where those sets came from.

left to right: skirt // skirt // skirt

All of these skirts are also available in standard sizing and the leftmost one is also available in petite.

left to right: dress // dress

In addition to tall length sizes, both of these dresses are also available in petite and standard sizing.

left to right: dress // dress (coordinating jacket also available; navy blue version also available; both in this post)

Both of these dresses are available in tall length, standard length, and petite length sizing.


Look Before You Sleep featuring Haywood Park Hotel and Long Tall Sally

Lately, I have been loving pajama sets. To be candid, pajamas are what I gravitate to if I do not have to leave the condo. I have been wearing the eff out of this set (I am even wearing them as I type) since Long Tall Sally sent them my way at the end of last year. I wore them for the first night of our cross country road trip and into the next day, even to our pit stop at McAllister’s Deli.

It feels just like undergrad all over again, but with you know, a more discerning metabolism.

Long Tall Sally kindly sent me these pajamas. The chambray is so spot on for spring; they are the perfect pair of seasonal pajamas. It is the ideal set to wear with the windows open and the Monterey breeze blowing through the condo. The sweater is great for wearing on top of the set in the case I want to run down to our local coffee shop for an almond iced latte and almond croissant.

Sometimes I find Long Tall Sally clothing to run large. This sweater is one of those cases. I went with a small and it fit perfectly. I did not love the way the pajamas fit, but that is because the pajamas are sold in a set and unfortunately while I wear a size six to eight shirt, I wear a size eight to ten short. That is on me though, so a roomy top will just have to do.

pajamas c/o Long Tall Sally // sweater c/o Long Tall Sally

Shall I pastel thee to a summer’s day?

It is officially spring and I am here for the associated wardrobe. While many find turning over the seasonal wardrobe as a chore, I relish the day. It is like a semi annual Christmas and I love finding items that I bought at the end of the last summer season, at deep discount no doubt, that still have tags attached; I inevitably forget about these previously unworn pieces.

The seasonal associated excitement made it all the more difficult to pare down what I decided to bring with me to the west coast. I attempted to exercise utmost discipline and be especially discerning when it came to packing for our season in California. Nevertheless now that I am unpacked, it is now clear to me (and definitely my husband, who saw it happening while we were on the east coast) that I hauled more than I intended.

All this is to say that while I am not going to be adding to my wardrobe any time soon, I am always on the look out for tall…anything! I was surprised at how many hits this post (and before that, this post) attracted, so colored denim it is. Here is a second serving.

pink denim // ice purple denim

The pink denim are a cropped length and are available in short (26 inch), regular (28 inch), and tall (31 inch) inseams.

The ice purple jeans are full length and available in 34, 36, and 38 inch inseams. Listen up tall ladies! This pair is for you, because not only do they come in the pastel shade, but also white and traditional denim shades.

Tall Torso Tank Swim

I went the entire last summer without wearing a two piece swimsuit. Not only am I no longer a spring chicken and feel as though I have aged out of the bikini market, but I do not feel so confident in my body now that I have gained my married weight.

One piece swimsuits used to be particularly tricky if you have a tall frame, specifically a long torso. I see a huge difference in the standard length one piece suit and the long length one piece suit that I alternated between last year. For example, I would never dared to wear the former without the detachable halter strap.

Once tall torso one piece styles were on my radar as a size option that retailers were actually offering, I started noticing them everywhere. It was merely a matter of me moving on from the two piece territory to gaining awareness of what was actually available in the swimsuit market.

All of the swimsuits in this post are available in long torso and for my shorter (or relatively average friends), some are even available in standard sizing.


asymmetrical suit (available in standard sizing) // printed suit (available in standard sizing) // strappy suit (available in standard sizing)


twist suit // lattice suit // striped suit


strapless suit (available in standard sizing) // striped suit (available in standard sizing) // belted suit (available in standard sizing)


surplice wrap suit (available in standard sizing) // halter suit (available in standard sizing) // ruffle suit (available in standard sizing)


v-neck suit (available in standard sizing) // strapless suit (available in standard sizing) // tank suit (available in standard sizing)

Windowpane Crush

On a recent unseasonably warm Sunday morning, my husband and I took a walk around Independence Mall. With our days in Philadelphia numbered (I officially, albeit regrettably, put in my two month notice two weeks ago), it has become all the more a priority for us to savor every last minute we have in this city.

Often it is forgotten that Philadelphia was the OG capitol of the United States. Only three centuries ago was this area bustling with brilliant ideas. One of my favorite classes in undergrad, taken during my last semester, was The Early American Republic. (Shoutout Dr. Haley!) I feel lucky – and to be honest I know I take for granted – that I so easily can walk down the street and stand within the vicinity of where so many visionaries who shaped the modern government of the United States several centuries prior.

About the outfit…

The jacket and the skirt do not come in tall, but even though the latter is mini length, it does not feel especially short. I was wearing it high on my waist and it still felt appropriate and comfortable for warm winter daytime. The jacket has a massive pleat in the back that contributes to a swingy silhouette. The cropped length and the cut reminded me of 1960s Britain, especially when paired with a short skirt and ankle boots.

The sweater is cashmere, it was available in tall, and it is everything. While it is available now, it is not longer available in tall. (Sidebar, I got your covered. Peep the tall cashmere here.) Thank sweet baby Jesus, I bought it in three colors back when it was available in my size.


On a serious note, as I am writing this, the Federal government has been shuttered for fifteen days. That is fifteen days too long. It makes me sick. It makes me sick that so many people whom I worked with and learned from while I interned at the National Parks Service circa 2009 are on furlough. It makes me sick that my best friend from elementary school is preparing budgets for our nation’s Navy and in doing so working without pay. All of this was highlighted by the copious signs around Independence Mall, notifying would-be patrons that facilities are closed. Tourists walking on disappointed, from cultural resource to cultural resource.

We are better than this.

America is better than this.

In 2020 we will make the decision to collectively be better than this.

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Piping Pajamas featuring Ledges Hotel and Long Tall Sally

For the past two holiday seasons, I have gifted loved ones classic piped pajama sets. Navy on light blue woven shirt and pant sets for everyone.

[record scratch]

For every female under 5′-10″ and every male under 6′-4″, that is. That would mean that while my mom, dad, brother-in-law, and husband are snoozing in some classic pajamas,  my little sister and I are missing out on a perfectly preppy pair of pajamas. Devastating, really.

Long Tall Sally rolled out their holiday pajama set and I immediately spied a knit interpretation of the classic pajama set. Hours later, it was en route to my house. Target acquired, target captured.

While on occasion, I have been know to borrow the woven set that I gave my husband, I love and have fully converted to the soft knit of the Long Tall Sally set. It is just exponentially more cozy that his set. My new set runs longer and it is just perfectly proportioned for the taller female frame.

Whether I am suffering from a case of body dysmorphia or the clothing is just cut more accurately as an effect of the length being sufficient for my frame, as is the case with many items that I have procured from Long Tall Sally, I would suggest anyone who is interested in these pajamas to order a size or two smaller than your go-to size. The pants have a banded waistband, so going up a size intending that you will be able to take advantage of a drawstring is not a viable option. Despite this, high five to Long Tall Sally for the reminder that I am not actually as large as some other brands have me believe I am.



Historic Bridges of the MidAtlantic: Bullfrog Road Bridge

The Bullfrog Road Bridge was built in 1908 by the York Bridge Company out of York, Pennsylvania. It was eventually listed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1978. It connects Frederick and Carroll Counties over the Monocacy River.


As many of the historic bridges in the area are that of the wood covered variety, this one stands out as it is one out of two in Frederick County that has a steel truss design. Specifically, this design is of the Parker truss variety, which means that the top chord is a polygon arc. This bridge received updates in 1989 (new abutments) and in 1995 (span). 

dress // coat (old) // sunglasses (colorway sold out, alternate coloways) // earrings // necklace // ring // watch // ankle boots

Wallpaper with a View featuring Antrim 1844

Two weeks ago, the husband and I wandered up to the light-flooded third story of the mansion at Antrim 1844. To say that the light married with the acid turquoise wallpaper luminated the third floor would be an understatement.

Sidebar: The owner of Antrim 1844, Dort, applied all of the wallpaper on her own. How impressive is that? In our discussion, she told me that she found the process to be almost meditative. Can’t you tell that this wallpaper was applied with the utmost care and love?

On the third floor, we spied a ladder leading to a cupola, or effectively a fourth floor. Naturally, we wanted to explore. And since the ladder was not closed off, we did.

In addition to the chic wallpaper, all four walls of the cupola are lined with windows, providing a 360 degree view of historic Taneytown. As it turns out, it ended up being the last day to peep any of the remaining fall foliage, as the next day the mid-Atlantic received a blanket of snow. I saw photos of the grounds the day after and it was gorgeous. I was immediately envious that our stay did not include a fresh coat of snow on the ground.


I digress.

Can you imagine how cold the windows of this cupola were during the snowfall? Hashtag brrrrr.

Sincerest thanks to Antrim 1844 for sponsoring my stay.

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Historic Bridges of the MidAtlantic: Thomas Mill Bridge

Last weekend the husband and I wandered out on the Fairmount Park and along our walk, we encountered the Thomas Mill Bridge.

I happen to love a good historic structure, bridges included. Did you know that along with HABS (Historic American Building Survey) and HALS (Historic American Landscape Survey), the National Park Service also administers HAER, which is the Historic American Engineering Record, which documents historic bridges.

While the Thomas Mill Bridge has not been documented by HAER, it was documented via HABS. This was the modus operandi prior to the inception of HAER in 1969, as numerous covered bridges were listed through the HABS program. Additionally, the Thomas Mill Bridge is also listed on the National Register for Historic Places, as well as counting as a contributing structure for the Chestnut Hill Historic District; the district itself has been listed since the mid-1980s.

The Thomas Mill Bridge was built in 1855 and renovated in 1939 and 2000. It is the only covered bridge in Philadelphia and the only covered bridge in a major American city.


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Black and White and Read All Over

Last weekend was a nice one in Philadelphia, weather-wise. While I spent about half of it in bed recovering from a raging Saturday night out at the Philadelphia Art Museum, I was able to get out and about and took a walk around our neighborhood.

A crisp upper fifties degree day called for a dress layered with tights and a leather coat. It was the first time wearing this dress during the colder months. To be honest, when I caught my reflection in the glass of a storefront, I actually did not love this look as much as I loved how comfortable it was. It just looked like a degree from RHONJ-level trashy. Not to say that the individual garments inspired that thought; it was the mere combination and I just will not wear them together again.

Lesson learned.


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Shutter Tweed

This set was released last spring and I am still feigning for it. I have the black set, love it, and wear it all of the freaking time (in fact just last weekend). The tweed is so ladylike and with the jacket, I am always prepared to go up against the office air conditioning.

As soon as I saw the spring 2018 line sheet and noticed that my favorite pieces from Karl Lagerfeld Paris for Long Tall Sally was making an encore in navy and more specifically, rose, I was smitten. Six months later and I am still crushing on this set.


jacket // dress