Night at the Museum

Last Saturday, the husband and I spent our evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Fall Into Art party. The contemporary wing and the newest exhibit Fabulous Fashion: From Dior’s New Look to Now was open to party-goers. The Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art board did a fantastic job with planning and executing the event. Not only was the party sold out but it raised well over the goal of twenty thousand dollars. (Last I heard it was over twenty-four thousand dollars.)

I loved being able to explore the contemporary wing and the new exhibit. So much so, that I will certainly return to the new Fabulous Fashion: From Dior’s New Look to Now. Ironically, trying to navigate the exhibit afterhours may have been more challenging as in place of iPhone-yielding preteens, there were iPhone-yielding borderline-drunk people.

Not that did not make my husband take photos of me with Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, which was on exhibit. Another fun fact about Grace Kelly: The Hermes Kelly bag was named for her as she carried it in front of her baby bump while being photographed by paparazzi.

The more you know.

dress (old, Milly) // jacket (old, Banana Republic) // shoes (old, J.Crew Factory, similar) // tights // watch // headband (old, J.Crew) // clutch (old, Lauren Merkin) // earrings // necklace // necklace // necklace // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // ring

Chain Sequence

Y’all know how I love a good secondhand find. Especially when you can find something that is nearly a decade old, not only are people not wearing it anymore (or even remembering it) but it also is consistent with ethical fashion guidelines. Purchasing something secondhand gives the garment a longer lifespan. As we are set to destroy the planet by 2030 (Has anyone else just felt an overwhelming sense of dread in respect to that? Just me…?), and fast fashion being the world’s second dirtiest industry (not to mention the social implications involved with a Uniqlo / Forever 21 / H&M / Primark / Shein garment), purchasing something that may not have even been preloved (adore a NWT deal) just makes sense for my needs.

This Milly New York dress absolutely falls into that camp. I cannot remember how much I spent on it, but I am certain that it was reasonable, if only because there are a slew of the same style available and the prices are not staggering.

This dress is the perfect buffet dress. Empire waist, stretchy jersey knit, not at all constricting. I love that there is (removable) built-in necklace. With another necklace, it is extra-extra. Pile that on!


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Autumn Blossom

I just love a surprise party. I received a surprise party for my sixteenth birthday and my twentieth birthday. I was shocked each time. More than being the recipient of surprise parties, I love planning them for other people. I threw a surprise party for my then-boyfriend’s, now-husband’s thirty-first birthday. I managed to assemble twenty of our nearest and dearest at a roof deck bar known for its margaritas, near his favorite DC restaurant. Since we celebrated on May 5th, I managed to convince him that I wanted one mezcal margarita in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. He did not see it coming.

Last week, we threw a surprise party for one of my favorite people ever. My bridesman and I technically met over nine years ago when we both went graduate school in sister programs. We attended the same Halloween rager that autumn. Two years later when the host of said rager moved to his hometown of Chicago, the bridesman and I cemented our friendship at the going-away party. The words “cherry vodka shots” and “dancing awesome” were screamed to the bartender at Wonderland Ballroom. Eventually a near shipwreck on Memorial Day 2013 made us lifers.

All this is to say that it was especially sweet to plan a surprise party for such a great pal. I was in charge of the decorations, which I bought exclusively from Sweet Lulu. Highly recommended. Quick (and free) shipping, excellent communication, and beautiful product.

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Let Print Be

I was thrilled to find this Milly NY dress in my size on eBay NWT for a steal. I have said it before and I will say it again: while I like the new version, I love the older iteration of the brand more than any other label. It was just so feminine and chic. These days I will buy most any previous generation Milly NY article of clothing in my size, NWT, on eBay, ThredUp, Poshmark, or TheRealReal. The scarcity of availability makes the old styles all the more valuable, to me at least. I will take an old school #millymoment any day!

The upside to shopping on resale sites is that I am giving old clothing new life. This chic-as-eff dress could have ended up in a landfill. Rather, it has found a home in my summer closet. Vintage shopping is the fourth major method of sustainable shopping, and while I am not sure a ten-year-old dress exactly qualifies as vintage, it is certainly second-hand.

How did I celebrate scoring this dress and the beginning of a four day weekend? A 5 am wake up call for catching the sunrise down at the Race Street Pier. Why not? It was a fantastic way to start our long Labor Day weekend. After we saw the sun, we booked it home to pick up our luggage and then booked it to Philadelphia International. That rose bubbly was exactly what I needed to relax me before boarding!

dress (old, Milly, old Milly New York here, here, and here) // slides (also here) // clutch (old, Thredup + TheRealReal options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) // earrings (old, Gemma Redux) // bracelet (old, Gemma Redux) // cuff // watch

Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 242/123

My resistance to shopping in August was consistent with that of July, in that I did not have the discipline that I did during June. Glass half full, at least from a sustainability perspective: I mostly shopped secondhand at eBay and Thredup.IMG_4345

tee shirt dress

Remember when I bought this dress in a size too small back in May? A refresher: I already have a similar dress to the long sleeve tee shirt dress, albeit navy with white stripes, boatneck, and 3/4-length sleeves. I wear it all the damn time. Every time this particular dress is restocked, it immediately sells out, at least in the tall sizes. I finally scored one at twenty percent off, but due to it running small, had to return.

Flash forward to the beginning of the month, I got over the zipper placement and added this dress to my fall queue.1


Jack Rogers had a sale. We are talking eighty percent off prices, people! The bone sandals I have had my eye on? From $125 to $45. It is no surprise that the site repeatedly crashed during my many checkout attempts. This is the only color that I was hoping to add to my collection of ten and my will for a new pair of West Palm Beach sandals won.


dress (eBay + Thredup options: size 2, size 4, size 6, size 8, size 8, size 8size 10 // similar style 1, similar style 2, similar style 3)

I originally spied this DVF dress over a decade ago. How is that for a clothing obsession? I then purchased what I thought was the same dress via eBay in 2011, but I mistook the dress for a different DVF style (refer to the similar styles above). I finally found the dress in a size six but with my chubby phase I am going through, I do not exactly fit in it. Cut to planning for a wedding at the end of the month. I found this same dress from my 2008 obsession on eBay in a size ten and at a very competitive price. Now I have a one for my skinny version and my chubby version. Excessive? Or ingenius? You decide.


Milly // Vera Wang Lavender Label

The red blouse is the same I purchased in a cream colorway several years ago and have already worn on the blog. I love the tonal print. I love the tie at the collar. I love the fabric; you cannot tell via photo but it has the slightest amount of stretch which offers enough give for someone with linebacker-esque shoulders. Speaking for a friend.

The cream and gold shirt is Vera Wang Lavender Label, a brand that was established just prior to the 2008 recession and shuttered circa 2011. Such a shame. The fabrics and the cuts were gorgeous. It was exactly what I imagined a Washingtonian version of Blair Waldorf wearing on Gossip Girl.



No surprise here that I am a fan of Foley + Corinna bags. I saw a blue one NWT on eBay and I was instantly sold!


cardigan // flats

There was a Tory Burch Private Sale. One cardigan in two colorways and a pair of Minnie later…


tartan blazer // tweed blazer // tweed skirt

The new Red Fleece line is so damn good. Straight fire. Rather than indulge in the clothes of the season, I caught some stuff that I missed the last time the trees were bare and at prices that were easier to stomach.


cap toe heels // slingback pumps

Recently I have been mourning the time that I ended up returning a pair of Lena cap toe pumps – as lamented about here – because I thought the heel was too high for me. I have been kicking myself because I genuinely loved the cap toe and the colorway. This very morning I wandered online and found the block heel variation of the Lena pump and at a fraction of the original +$200 price tag.

The slingbacks were not particularly frugal, but they were 30% off. I don’t know what the detailing is going to look like in person, so best order a pair while taking advantage of the free shipping and try them on in person, in the comfort of home. I love the Colette style, as it is the same style as the shoes I wore for my husband’s and my engagement photos. I walked miles around the cobblestone streets of Georgetown in those heels and though I ended up barefoot on the sidewalk much later on that night, after the engagement shoot and after celebrating two friends who had just returned from abroad after eloping and after drinks with more friends who we had not seen in months, the situation could have been much worse.

Fourteen items. That is nearly a purchase every other day of August. Some might say I have a problem. Admitting you have a problem is the first step of getting clean right?

Floral Diplomacy

I just love Milly New York. Since the label’s inception in the mid-aughts, Michelle Smith has served up plum next level designs made in New York. How is that for a great American brand? And more than a decade before the president made a *thing* about it, albeit while not following it himself. (We all know that his Macy’s line is made in China). Regardless of one’s politics, I admire Milly’s Michelle Smith for not only taking a stand and talking the talk, but walking the walk. Michelle is the real deal and aside from her values, she is a design genius.

I scored this Milly shirtdress via eBay back in December. While I cannot speak to when this particular dress was produced, I can say with certainty that this was made prior to the Milly rebrand in 2012, as the dress has the Milly script label and the print has the Milly script label incorporated in it. It is something I could see Blair Waldorf wearing in the latter seasons of Gossip Girl.

The dress design is perfection on a tall frame, which is atypical for a line that produces standard sizes only. Not only is the hemline modest enough to wear to the office, but the sleeves are long enough as well. Add a tall sized camel coat, multistrand pearl necklace, block heels, and the outfit is ready to report to work.

dress (old, Milly) // coat (available in tall, alternate colorways) // bracelet (budget) // earrings // necklace (old, J.Crew Factory) // sunglasses // watch // knot ring // shoes (old, J.Crewalternate colorwaysimilarsimilarsimilar)