Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 242/123

My resistance to shopping in August was consistent with that of July, in that I did not have the discipline that I did during June. Glass half full, at least from a sustainability perspective: I mostly shopped secondhand at eBay and Thredup. tee shirt dress Remember when I bought this dress in a size too [...]

Pink Outside of the Box

Pink Outside of the Box

Have you ever lived through a poor experience and as a result banned the outfit you wore through the ordeal? Circa early June 2013, I had a really awful day at work. I consequently could not even look at the printed pencil skirt and the neon monogrammed cashmere tee shirt that I picked out that [...]

Tunic Time

Dress for the job you want. The job I want is that of a wealthy housewife who spends her day lounging on the porch drinking white wine spritzers. My mom is approaching this stage in her life, also known as retirement, and I am ever envious of her. I have already commenced collecting caftans and [...]

Floral Distribution

This dress has the best details. Aside from the fantastic print, the laser print panel and the stand up neckline gives me life. Pleats give thicc thighs a little more room to move. (This is when I start picketing against the pencil skirt silhouette.) Also, would you look at the wrap feature and subsequent opportunity [...]