Sunday Brunch

The fiance and I both had obligated our last Saturday to our respective work. In my field at least, there are contracts must be finalized prior to the end of the calendar year. How unfortunate it is that the end of the calendar year coincides with the holiday season.

Since Saturday would be dedicated to work, we made a conscious decision that Sunday would be dedicated to fun. We brunched at in Rittenhouse Square, before working our way back to the east side of the city while shopping for Christmas gifts and ourselves.







Throughout the day, I repeatedly received compliments on my outfit, specifically the skirt. Let it be known that I love sequins. I love paillettes even more. I never met an article of clothing adorned with paillettes that I didn’t love. This skirt also has an elastic waist. (#chaching) I have emotional connection with the skirt because I was wearing it when I received the marriage proposal from my now-fiance. Fuzzy feelings all around with this skirt. While this skirt is no longer available, I put together a selection of similar cut skirts complete with paillettes and sequins, at a variety of price points.

white sequin pencil skirt // floral sequin pencil skirt // sequined pencil skirt // black sequined pencil skirt // paillette stripes midi skirt // paillette-embellished crepe skirt

peacoat (similar) // heels // bow bag (similar) // bow bag (similar) // bow bag (similar) // fringed cashmere scarf (similar) // plaid & sequined star cashmere scarf (similar) // pearl cuff // earrings // ring // eyeshadow palette // lip color


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