Ice, Ice, Baby

I moved to Philadelphia seven months ago. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, I lived in Washington DC for eight years. Before that, I lived in Mississippi for twelve years. As the years prior were spent up and down the Atlantic seaboard – both the North American and European sides, mind you – I became acclimated to rather temperate winters.







I spent the winter of 1992 wearing a boots and a snowsuit. Fifteen years later, I spent the winter of 2007 wearing Rainbow flip flops and had no need for a winter jacket. Having experienced both extremes, I can confidently say that I favor dressing for four seasons. Driving is a different story with my two-wheel drive SUV, but luckily I snagged myself a fiance who grew up in Russia and Alaska!

I was so excited to wake up to snow this past Saturday. As I walked to my morning barre class (just getting a jump on New Year’s resolutions over here), I realized that it was raining and that the snow I was so excited about was actually super icey.

We had plans post-barre class to walk to Center City and run a few errands. Thank Sweet Baby Jesus that we both were in possession of a pair of L.L.Bean boots. Back in 1992 while I was toddling around in boots and a snowsuit, my mom was working for L.L.Bean headquarters. When I moved to Washington DC, she was sure to equip me with a pair of boots that I would be able to wear in the most extreme of conditions. After seeing my shear-lined pair, the fiance requested the most tricked out pair, complete with the Goretex and Thinsulate lining as his 2015 Valentine’s Day gift, which due to the notorious backlog that year were not delivered until April.

The fiance and I took a detour through Washington Square. Having earned my first Master’s degree in Historic Preservation, I love any and all structures and landscapes with a story. It was picturesque and surprisingly deserted. Throwing out regard to the fact that my outfit consisted of a sweatshirt and leggings (and the ever-present pearls), we decided to capture the moment with a few photos. As the first icey and snowy day in Philadelphia with the sweet fiance, I knew it was one I would want to remember always.

kale sweatshirt in heather grey // kale sweatshirt in heather blue // kale sweatshirt in navy // kale tee // wunder under leggings // boots, 8″ // boots, 10″ // gloves // socks // coat


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