A Feedback Story

I just received an order from J.Crew and unfortunately, a couple of items that would have to be returned. This is out of the ordinary, as the clothing sizing is typically spot on. I hope my feedback may be helpful to others –

I love velvet. I love it so much, I would take it behind the high school bleachers and get it pregnant. This top seemed like a no brainer. I ordered it in my typical sleeveless size, which is a 4 tall. Unfortunately, since there was not a button or zipper opening/closure, it did not fit over my shoulders. I fear going up a size or two in order to accommodate my shoulders would only make the top too big through the body.


My love for New Balance is a bit more complicated. Real life is so heavy, so I like to keep this blog light; however, I know (at least, I hope) my readership is diverse and therefore I feel that I must address this issue. I used to love New Balance for being an American heritage brand. In the past month, the company has found itself entangled in scandal after a company vice president made statements supporting the current president-elect. In turn, the alt-right has adopted it as it’s official outfitter. Unfortunately in addition to tainting my impression of them, this also slightly sullies my image of J.Crew, since they collaborated with them. (I am aware that the collaboration was released prior to these statements going public. I have been waiting for a J.Crew to issue a formal statement.) To my audience, please don’t read to much into this purchase. I am grappling with it myself. Black, white, gay, straight, I am with you.

Now that I have prefaced my reservations about the collaboration, I need to talk about the pants. I am returning the New Balance for J.Crew seamless leggings. I didn’t love wearing pants without a center seam. Have you heard of uniboob, the effect of wearing a sports bra? These pants were like unibutt. Additionally, I found that there were irregular dye marks. Back to the Lululemon Wunder Unders and debating on whether to keep the other New Balance x J.Crew items I ordered, which admittedly fit a tall frame pretty amazingly.

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