Festival Fashion

Two weekends ago, the fiance and I went to a music festival in Camden. We bought the tickets intending on seeing Fitz and the Tantrums, but we were late getting back from Annapolis so unfortunately, we missed their set. We caught the tail end of The 1975, and decided to stay for Empire of the Sun, Bastille, and Kings of Leon.

The day’s high was 59 degrees with slight precipitation. While it did not amount to real rain, there was enough moisture in the air to warrant a rain coat. The fiance warned me that this was hypothermia-triggering weather and so I took extra consideration in picking an outfit that would keep me dry and warm. I wore a┬áPatagonia rain coat, North Face moisture-wicking long sleeve, Lululemon Wunder Unders, and sneakers. Truth be told, I could have gone for another layer under the rain coat.

We got to the venue and noticed that while other girls were my sartorial doppelgangers, a solid number of girls decided to take a festival fashion angle. There were denim cutoffs, white eyelet pieces, and sandals. Part of me felt bad for these girls who attempted to prioritize #aesthetics over comfort or even health. (How many of these people came down with a cold the next day? I am curious.) But I also know that these girls should have known better. So ladies, going forward, can we agreed to forego festival aesthetics for comfort and health? We both know that you did not pin wet hair and goosebumps to your festival pinterest board.

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