Independence Daze

Did everyone have a fun and festive Fourth of July? I spent the holiday at my parents’ house on the Gulf Coast. In years past, I consumed way too much food and drink. Emphasis on the drink, and more specifically, tequila. To the point that I jokingly mentioned following up my holiday with a stop at Betty Ford. I kid.

This year I purposefully drank less alcohol and drank more water. While my alcohol indulgence was considerably less than last year (R.I.P. MargWalrus), I still treated myself to the good foods. And shocker! It is considerably easier to get through food prep when you are not several adult beverages deep!

First thing on my to-do list was to make guacamole and yes, I know it is essentially only mashing up raw ingredients, but there is a lot of chopping that goes into making it, okay? The recipe that I used is on this Pinterest board. With raw vegetables and tortilla chips, the guacamole was the ideal food to pair with my afternoon margarita. On the rocks please, salt on the rim.

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