Don’t Book Back // Crazy Rich Asians by @kevinkwanbooks

last read... I purchased Crazy Rich Asians earlier this year after listening to Joe Zee's (formerly of Elle and Yahoo Style) now defunct podcast. Joe raved about the book before chatting with author Kevin Kwan; detailing how he read the book during his commute and sat down on a bench outside his office only to [...]

Ethical Element

Ethical Element

In light of last week's discussion about sustainability in fashion with Meghan Evans, I took her advice and started to watch The True Cost. Not that it got especially intense, but it most definitely toed the line of disturbing. It is a shame that we westerners will turn the other way for an H&M "bargain". It [...]

Scuba Scallops

Have you ever noticed that the items that come in tall (petite, too, probably) seem to fall into the "basics" category? Button downs, denim, work dresses, blazers, dress pants. Just the necessities. Don't get me wrong, they are necessities for a reason and those categories should be prioritized before all of the extras, because that [...]