Floral Distribution

This dress has the best details. Aside from the fantastic print, the laser print panel and the stand up neckline gives me life. Pleats give thicc thighs a little more room to move. (This is when I start picketing against the pencil skirt silhouette.) Also, would you look at the wrap feature and subsequent opportunity [...]

Tie in the Sky

Recently, Tory Burch online store hosted an additional 30% off of already marked down prices. I was ever disappointed when I realized that this dress was sold out in my size, but lost my shit when I realized these slides were still available and immediately purchased them. Another item on my radar? Aside from this dress and [...]

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast with Artichokes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Pole Beans, and Whole Wheat Linguini // @2souschefs

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast with Artichokes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Pole Beans, and Whole Wheat Linguini // @2souschefs

"I realize that we’ve already discussed the made-in-heaven pairing that is bacon and artichokes. However it should not be reserved solely for the pairing with fish. This combination can go with just about any protein, even steak. The inspiration for a lighter, yet hearty, chicken and pasta dish came quite organically (pun intended) from walking [...]

Don’t Book Back // Sex and the City and Us by @jmkarmstrong c/o @thebradshawboys

last read... I remember the first episode I ever watched of Sex and the City. My best friend from high school (later maid of honor at my wedding) and I watched season four, episode two, titled "The Real Me" one night prior to an early dance practice to which we both had to report. This [...]

Hasta Spa Vista, Baby.

Hasta Spa Vista, Baby.

This past weekend was my birthday. I celebrated by getting my hair cut and highlighted, a pedicure and gel manicure, dinner at Parc, and a day at the Philadelphia location of Rescue Spa. It was everything. Truth be told, I never indulged in spa services until I started long distance running in my mid-twenties and [...]

Sweater Days

How ladylike is this sweater? It is beyond ladies-who-lunch and those ladies who wish to lunch more often, especially when your lunch consists solely of six glasses of Chardonnay? Cut to me bringing a bottle of Rosé to a meeting of the Contributing Members of the Young Friends of the Pennsylvania Ballet planning meeting. I could [...]

A Fab Collab: Birkenstock x Opening Ceremony

You want to know what I love? My silver glitter Arizona Birkenstock sandals, that's what! I purchased my pair via J.Crew circa summer 2016 and subsequently pranced around Philadelphia in them, during my first days in the city. For that reason, I will always associate those sandals not only with my current season, but also [...]