Hasta Spa Vista, Baby.

This past weekend was my birthday. I celebrated by getting my hair cut and highlighted, a pedicure and gel manicure, dinner at Parc, and a day at the Philadelphia location of Rescue Spa. It was everything.

Truth be told, I never indulged in spa services until I started long distance running in my mid-twenties and when I finally did, it was only massages and I kicked myself for not starting sooner. Cut to getting my first facial treatment back in 2016 and internally getting angry at myself again for not starting that sooner. At the beginning of this year, I committed to myself a spa day each month. I tried Riva Spa and the Philadelphia location of Lush Spa, but neither compare to the experiences I have had at the Center City Philadelphia Rescue Spa.

The downside to Rescue Spa is that you have to make appointments well in advance, but that is just a testament to how amazing it is. I knew when I was checking out of my spa day back in May that I wanted to return for my August birthday and consequently made a three service appointment: deep tissue massage, detox body wrap, and facial. It was surprisingly more affordable than I anticipated.

This weekend instead of going on a bender or instead of going HAM on the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, treat yourself in a different way. You will feel much better about yourself if you book yourself a spa experience. No hangovers, alcohol or shopping blackout-wise. For the spa novice, I suggest a classic massage and facial. Been around the spa block? I suggest a detox body wrap, deep tissue massage, and facial with the high frequency wand add-on. Rest yo’self!

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