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When Long Tall Sally launched their updated line of denim, I initially had reservations about whether I would find a pair that I could feel comfortable wearing. By this point, long time readers may have picked up that I do not frequently wear jeans on the blog which is a reflection of how seldom I wear them in my every day. (I can count a mere two times denim has shown up on Lucindervention.) Truth be told, I do not fit into any of the jeans I have and isn’t denim shopping too traumatizing to put oneself through? So I just have never bothered to procure new pairs.

When I mentioned to my sister that Long Tall Sally extended all jean styles to 34, 36, and 38 inch inseams, she insisted that I give a pair a whirl. She is a long-time Long Tall Sally denim enthusiast and she gave me her sizing intel and advised that I go down a size.

I listened to her first portion of advice in that I tried the Shaper Skinny Low Rise Jean. I am so glad I did. Every constricting feeling that I have ever had about skinny leg jeans, did not apply to this style. I initially knew I liked them when I tried them on at home, but my love was actually realized when my husband and I hopped in a Lyft over Labor Day weekend and it became clear to my just how flexible the fabric is as I was crunched in the back of a midsize sedan. I should have considered the second portion of my sister’s advice and gone down a size, but I have no reservations about popping this pair in the dryer.

I cannot wait to wear these into the fall. Rules were meant to be broken and this pair of denim and I are about to shatter No White After Labor Day.





denim (℅ Long Tall Sally) // top (old, Tibi) // belt (old, J.Crew) // bag (old, J.Crew) // sandals // sunglasses (alternate colorway) // sunglasses strap (old print, similar, similar, similar) // watch // necklace (old, Gemma Redux) // earrings (old, Gemma Redux) // ring


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