Piping’s on the Wall

While I was in Marblehead over Labor Day weekend, I made the conscious decision to lay off my phone. No reading my email. No checking Instagram. No tweeting sassy quips. No texting. Just enjoying the weekend and living in the moment. This idea came to me as I started to recognize a soreness in my thumb / hand joints. It started to creep up into my inner forearms in the days before leaving for vacation. Early onset of carpal tunnel? Who knows.

I knew it was going to be tricky to abide by this self imposed restriction so for the rehearsal dinner, I left my phone at the AirBnB. In fact, I did not even bring my purse. It definitely helps when your pregnant sister-in-law assumes the role of designated driver and you do not have to worry about having to call a Lyft at the end of the night.

The day of the wedding, I brought my phone. I got the sense that we would be imbibing and especially not knowing where the wedding was taking place and not knowing my way around Marblehead, I wanted a Plan B. Plan B required my phone in the case I lost my husband at any point during the night and either needed to call him or call a Lyft if his phone died. My phone rule that night? Powered off.

My technology diet in Marblehead felt fantastic. Not feeling tied to technology over the long weekend felt fantastic. Walking a quarter mile from the rental to the shore with a cup of hot coffee was much more enjoyable without being tethered to my iPhone. In a pair of pajamas appropriate to wear in public, my glasses, and no makeup? Sign me up.








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