Gorpcore and After

I love a great brand collaboration. It has grown into an obsession ever since the Lilly Pulitzer x Target debacle of 2015. Given that I have written about Pendleton x Gap, Karl Lagerfeld Paris x Long Tall Sally (twice! thrice!), Lilly Pulitzer x S’well, Lilly Pulitzer x Goop (twice!), Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery BarnVineyard Vines x Target, Tory Burch x Kenneth Jay Lane, Issa x Banana Republic, Prabal Gurung x J.Crew, Hunter x Target, Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga (twice!), New Balance x J.Crew, Draper James x Jack Rogers, and the list goes on and on, I was jazzed to read about Opening Ceremony‘s collaborations. First it was Esprit and then Birkenstock and as I found out today, a second season of the latter as well as collaborations with two classic gorpcore brands.

Last summer Opening Ceremony collaborated with Birkenstock on a capsule collection of Arizona sandals and Boston clogs. I would have indulged in the collection but I have a pair of glitter Arizona sandals that have barely even been broken in. I came of age in the late 1990s to the early 2000s and these styles were especially popular among those at my public high school so even if I did not indulge in the product, I indulged in the nostalgia.

Though it may technically fall into normcore, I consider Birkenstock to be gorpcore. Perhaps it is because the sandals go so well with the outdoor staples. The Opening Ceremony / Birkenstock collaboration opened up a Pandora’s Box of bookmarking the best iterations of the sandals. Neon, iridescent, glitter, hologram, metallic, and animal print, Birkenstock served up all peacocking variations.

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I am also loving the Marmot and Columbia collaborations with Opening Ceremony. While I resisted falling down a rabbit hole – this time – I rounded up my favorite items.

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Are you as obsessed with collaborations as I am?

Is this an ailment that only affects me?

Sound off in the comments.

The Piping’s on the Wall

While I was in Marblehead over Labor Day weekend, I made the conscious decision to lay off my phone. No reading my email. No checking Instagram. No tweeting sassy quips. No texting. Just enjoying the weekend and living in the moment. This idea came to me as I started to recognize a soreness in my thumb / hand joints. It started to creep up into my inner forearms in the days before leaving for vacation. Early onset of carpal tunnel? Who knows.

I knew it was going to be tricky to abide by this self imposed restriction so for the rehearsal dinner, I left my phone at the AirBnB. In fact, I did not even bring my purse. It definitely helps when your pregnant sister-in-law assumes the role of designated driver and you do not have to worry about having to call a Lyft at the end of the night.

The day of the wedding, I brought my phone. I got the sense that we would be imbibing and especially not knowing where the wedding was taking place and not knowing my way around Marblehead, I wanted a Plan B. Plan B required my phone in the case I lost my husband at any point during the night and either needed to call him or call a Lyft if his phone died. My phone rule that night? Powered off.

My technology diet in Marblehead felt fantastic. Not feeling tied to technology over the long weekend felt fantastic. Walking a quarter mile from the rental to the shore with a cup of hot coffee was much more enjoyable without being tethered to my iPhone. In a pair of pajamas appropriate to wear in public, my glasses, and no makeup? Sign me up.


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A Fab Collab: Birkenstock x Opening Ceremony

You want to know what I love? My silver glitter Arizona Birkenstock sandals, that’s what! I purchased my pair via J.Crew circa summer 2016 and subsequently pranced around Philadelphia in them, during my first days in the city. For that reason, I will always associate those sandals not only with my current season, but also living with my then-fiance for the first time. Such memories!

What keeps my sparkle Birkenstock sandals in my closet and not in the Goodwill or #projectpurge eBae pile is that they are just so freaking comfortable. Wear those babies in a downpour and they are molded to your feet forever. Does anyone else remember begging her / his mom for a pair of the Birkenstock Boston clogs for school shopping? Just me? Just me and my little sister? Okay, so it may have just been both of us.

Tap into that would-be school shopping budget, because Opening Ceremony hit it out of the park with their collaboration with the 90s purveyor of grunge / college student footwear. This collection is everything and if you ask me the only fault in it is that they did not make enough.

Arizona sandal // Boston clog

Burnin’ for Breakfast

Turn your sound up and listen to my favorite Blue Oyster Cult track. Don’t miss the first few licks, before the cowbell kicks in, that is my favorite part of the song!

Who else passed out extra early on July 4th? Show of hands please.

Who else woke up with a minor headache, presumably triggered by one too many margaritas? Again, a show of hands?

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

Did anyone pass out in a combination of their standard pajamas and a vintage concert tee shirt? I pat myself on my creatively dressed back from coming up with this combination. While the shorts portion of my get-up was part of a set released this summer, the tee shirt is much more older. What is fantastic about concert tee shirts is that if you are sure it is vintage, as opposed to vintage-inspired, it is easy to place the year it was released. According to the back graphic, this tee dates back to 1982. Confirmed by my parents and their collection of ticket stubs, they were both at the show where the tee shirt was procured for a mere five dollars the year before they married.


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A Color Story

A few days ago, I realized that many of my recent bookmarks were a soft green-blue. Something about it reminds me of a deserted beach on a cloudy day. Sure, any beach is instantly upped by sunshine, but I think there is something rather relaxing to a grey / blue / green day on the sand. As someone who is always high strung, I will take any soothing color story if it lowers my blood pressure.


clockwise from top leftwatch // shades // headband // sandals // one-shoulder shirt // caftan // tote

A Hot Hippie Summer


The temperatures in Philadelphia have been in the 90s this week. As I was walking around Center City running errands, I had beads of sweat running down my face and was starting to develop swamp ass.

Reflecting on the day, I realize that I should have worn something from the hippie side of my closet: a tunic, caftan, or midi dress would have provided ample ventilation. I think the hippies are on to something in their summer style choices; my mind goes to early 2000s Bonnaroo, before festival fashion became what it is today. Manchester, Tennessee even in early June is intense, and most of the festival attendees set up camp for the entire three days. If the hippies at Bonnaroo can handle three days in a wardrobe of breezy dresses, caftans, and tunics, I can stand the Philadelphia heat in the same pieces.

baja hoodie // distressed denim shorts // tie dye swimsuit top // tie dye swimsuit bottom // silk kimono // pearlized Birkenstock // rainbow caftan // tunic