Open Sequin, I

I saw this spangled skirt earlier in the season in the jade (center, below) and acid pink (far left). While I love a sequin, lately I find them difficult to wear in different ways. As I am in the office five days out of the week, and upwards of ten hours a day, I do not think that a sequin skirt would serve me during my “nine-to-five.” Waking up during the five o’clock hour to be in the office during the six o’clock hour is not conducive to putting a ton of effort into one’s outfit, let alone even hitting hair with a blow dry. When working in a male-dominated industry, I have found that these matters are not even matters at all. Effort is turned down to zero.

So when would I really wear this skirt? Dinner, the ballet, a museum party, and that is about it.  Granted we have one of these about twice a month, but with work picking up during the fourth quarter, I barely have enough energy to make the nights out, let alone getting amped for them and consequently putting as much effort into my outfit as I previously enjoyed.

Something clicked in my mind in the last week and now all I can think about is either this skirt in light gold (second to the left) or the bright blue (far right). I would wear either to the office with a Breton stripe tee. I would wear either on the weekends with an oversized cashmere sweater (budget).

Is a sequin skirt going to be my answer to look like I put much more effort into my lewk than I actually did? Maybe it is about time that I start looking like I turned the dial up to twelve?

skirt (also available and on sale here)


  1. I got the skirt in green and, sadly, it’s going back. A couple of notes: the waistband is unforgiving, no stretch or give at all. The skirt arrived folded and needed work to lay the sequins flat again along the fold line. The sequins make noise as you walk, kind of a swishy shaking sound. A couple were on the floor after a brief try-on. The shape is somewhat a-line and hit me just at the bottom of my kneecap (6’3″, 37″ inseam) which I don’t find the most flattering on me. Hope this is helpful, I hate nothing more than searching for a holy grail item and being disappointed with it!

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