Open Sequin, II

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What might be better than the sequin skirt in the acid colors from yesterday’s post?

Please allow me to introduce you to the paillette skirt. It always blows my mind that so many people do not seem to know about the superior cousin of the common spangle, the sequin. Larger in size, it is one of the examples of when bigger is better. Perhaps it is more expensive to produce a paillette-embellished item and that is why they are not as widely available on the market; consequently that is why whenever I find an article of clothing that I love adorned with paillettes, I scoop it.

A monkey could tell you that midi skirts are great for the tall girl. Even if there is a back vent, one does not run the risk of flashing one’s choice of undergarments. On the tallest of us, this cut will never hit mini proportions. Hemlines will not creep up into inappropriate and questionable territory. Other than assuring that the cut is not so binding around the legs that one feels as though she is wearing a disco tight jacket around her bottom half, the tall girl is guaranteed comfort.

What would I wear this with? How about a micromodal v-neck, tucked into the skirt? For skirts of this length, I typically finish with a pair of high heels; however if I was going the casual route with a knit on top, I would slip on a pair of skater sneakers. Perfect for a Saturday wandering around Center City after a lengthy brunch at Parc or Maison 208 or Farmiccia or The Love.

This skirt is significantly less expensive than the one featured on the blog yesterday. The vendor site calls it out as running large and directs the consumer to order a size smaller than usual. That hits the trifecta of sparkly skirts, right? And the bonus: it is available in extended sizes. 

skirt (also available in extended sizes)


  1. Hi there, I decided to give this skirt a try and wanted to offer feedback in case anyone finds it useful! Ordered the Halogen Paillette skirt in the pretty auburn color (labeled as purple taupe on the site). I think this might be one of those items that is better in theory (& on the website) than IRL. Nordstrom quickly and expertly packaged the item so that I received it in record time. Sizing was TTS (i wear Petite), and the color is indeed beautiful, but that’s where ALL of the good ended for me!

    The cheaper pricing seems to reflect a lower quality in both fabric and workmanship, which was pretty close to atrocious – 3 of the paillettes fell off just from trying on the outfit and I had to tie a knot to the thread to prevent the rest from following in its wake. (If the tags hadn’t been attached on the inside as neatly and pristine as they were, I would’ve sworn the item was worn!) The fabric is indeed stretchy, with a lot of give, but it’s also really delicate and prone to pilling/getting runs. Given the nature of paillettes and sequins in general, the larger size kept flipping over and creating ‘holes’ in the patterns — this meant the sequins needed to be turned over — constantly. I sat down and when I stood up, the sequins around the seat area all needed to be flipped over. This item would probably do best worn at a party or some place where you might be standing for the greater part of the day. Lastly, as for the idea of dressing it down to wear to the office, that really might depend on how loud/quiet your office is. Sequins can often make a noticeable sound when moving about and these were no exception — in fact, the larger size made them exceptionally loud! I felt like a chandelier sashaying about the house, so I can imagine that in an office such as mine that tends to be on the quieter side, this might be a noticeable, irritating distraction for some. I hope this review helps and that the item works for some! The color is beautiful. Although the paillettes are fun, i think they might work better on a top or a piece that doesn’t constantly receive friction the way a skirt does. I think smaller sequins might work better for skirts. Just my 2 cents! Thanks for all the sequin reviews in any case! My search continues!

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