Love is a Camel Coat

I just finished watching my favorite holiday movie, Trading Places, when I was inspired to put together this outfit. The girlfriend of one of the main characters, as portrayed by Kristin Holby and Dan Aykroyd respectively, has the most preppy, Brooks Brothers-laden wardrobe that would cause even season one Blair Waldorf to turn green in envy. Penelope Witherspoon inspired me to wear tennis whites as athleisure and now that it is winter, my camel coat. Unlike her, I will be wearing mine to brunch and for weekend errands, as opposed to her wearing it to pick up her boyfriend from the drunk tank.

And an outfit was born.

The coat is available in tall, standard, and petite sizing and in several colorways. I bought the Thinsulate version, highly recommended by the way, two winters ago. I stayed toasty all day, running through Center City for last minute holiday supplies. Peach puree for bellinis and finally settling on orange juice, as peaches are out of season and pre-made mixers were sold out across the city. First world problems.

The dress is a wool-cashmere mix and also comes in tall. The dress made a previous appearance on the blog in the pale pink option. I loved it so much that once the dress went on markdown, I snatched up the black option. It was a wise choice, as I have already worn it to my husband’s holiday party, this past Saturday brunch and errands, and I have big plans to wear it to the ballet next Saturday.

The accessories really drive home the lewk. Oversized pearl earrings, Burberry cashmere scarf, huge sunglasses (my eye bags are awful right now; taking recommendations for eye cream), and a rather aggressive arm party, and the outfit went from baseline to an outfit that I actually hoped that I would run into people while out and about.









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