Tartan Tidings

Merry Christmas gang!

A happy and safe holiday to you and yours from the Lucindervention team (i.e. my husband and myself). Since the year 2008, I have sent out hand written holiday greetings, personalized to each person in my address book…until this year. Confession: I am embarrassed to share that I did not get as many holiday cards out as I intended, but in the words of the Mark’s cue cards in Love Actually (hot take: this is actually the most despicable story line of the holiday classic), Christmas is when you tell the truth. I am not going to lie and pretend that the greetings went out without a hitch and on time. To me, life’s imperfections are what makes our journeys perfect.

May 2019 bring you health and happiness.







I wore this outfit to our dinner at Glass wine.bar.kitchen. at the Ledges Hotel. Two weeks prior to the holiday, we took a getaway to the Poconos, and the midweek trip was completely necessary. Too often, we allow ourselves to get too consumed with our careers and as a result, completely miss out on the important moments.

The last quarter of 2018 has been brutal at the office. My old supervisor left late summer. Though I have excellent synergy with his replacement and even get along better with him, the expectations for my work have increased. This is absolutely a good thing, because it has pushed me to be a better team member and more knowledgeable in the field. I feel like my productivity has improved.

The downside is that I have become much more obsessed with my output and the quality of that. In a job where I formerly worked forty-hour workweeks, I am finding myself working fifty plus hours a week. I am lucky that I have a position in which I love what I do enough to work as much as I have, but as a result the weeks since before Thanksgiving have flown by and I barely have had a chance to enjoy the holiday with my husband. As his job frequently takes him out of town, he has had the busy Q4 as well.

When are we going to slow down? I guess that is what New Year’s resolutions are for. Perhaps we will take more frequent midweek getaways in 2019.

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