Off the Collaboration Rails

About a week ago over the holiday, I was falling in and out of sleep while my husband was reading in the living room. Will & Grace season one was playing on the television. My eyes drifted to my closet and upon admiring my Lilly Pulitzer by Target tote bag, my mind drifted to brand collaborations of yore.

I had passer’s remorse for a past Prabal Gurung collaboration. No, not the Prabal by Target collection. Though I did not hate the love-themed collection, I happened to be working in a job when I was working seven days a week for twelve hours a day and could not find the time to catch up on sleep or get my highlights done, let alone block out time to storm my local Target.

My mind landed on the Prabal Gurung collection for J.Crew, circa 2010 / 2011. The remorse I felt by not moving on an exploding bow dress or blouse has stayed with me for eight years and consequently numerous eBay searches for a NWT style from the collection. Back then, I went back and forth between whether I wanted the top or the dress. When the top immediately sold out, I considered whether I wanted the dress in navy or green. Moot thoughts because the dress sold out. Tragic. Utterly tragic.


But back to that night last week when I was in and out of sleep in a thirty milligram melatonin gummy haze. Eyes drifting across the room to the Lilly by Target tote and for some reason, maybe it was the chevron stripes consisting of vibrant kelly green pineapples, but the urge came over me to search eBay for my nearly decade-long obsession and wouldn’t you know that the exploding bow dress in kelly green was listed in a size larger than I typically wear, albeit in regular sizes. Perfect for cashing in on the extra length and since the zipper is located in the back, easy for my tailor to take in on the sides. A few back and forth Best Offers and we settled at a very reasonable price.

I cannot wait for it to arrive.

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