Lord Baltimore Hotel, II

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While staying at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, there are two in-house options for breakfast. The LB Tavern is the ideal option for a sit-down meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, as a college sports team was in town and staying at the Lord Baltimore Hotel the same weekend we were, the restaurant was fully booked. Pro tip: make a reservation with the hotel ahead of time! Luckily there is another option: The LB Bakery is the resident to-go breakfast eatery and a great alternative in the case that one cannot get a table at the LB Tavern.

Waking up on morning one, I {kindly} requested that my husband fetch {black} coffee and a croissant – chocolate or almond, didn’t matter which one – from the bakery downstairs. He returned with three coffees and three croissants, as Jamie planned on popping in later for some Baltimore architecture peeping. Spoiler alert: Jamie already had his breakfast, so I ate two croissants.

Waking up on morning two, I bounced out of bed to run downstairs for more croissants and coffee. I was back in the room with provisions prior to my husband even stirring.

Sidebar: Can we talk about the guestroom real quick? My favorite part of the weekend may have been our Saturday post-brunch, post-tour-of-the-hotel nap. The blackout shades and the king size hotel bed made for a perfect and restful siesta. 

Despite scoring seven hours of sleep the night prior, my face was especially puffy, likely due to drinking (one!) beer the night prior. Though I felt rested – what is it about sleeping well in hotel beds – I just looked especially tired. Face, meet Wayfarers. In an effort to be more authentic, I actually did wake up like this. With the addition to sneakers, these pajamas are what I wore downstairs to pick up breakfast. No shower. No brush. No mascara.

Toothbrush and mouthwash? Yes. What kind of monster do you think I am?!








sdsc05189Sincerest thanks to the Lord Baltimore Hotel for sponsoring my stay.

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