Good Girl Gone Plaid

I am always baffled at how late Philadelphia restaurants open for brunch. Cut to nearly three years ago and our first Sunday in this city. My husband and I wandered our neighborhood during the 9 am hour, during which I opted to get a manicure as the nearby nail salon opened prior to any bruncheries.

Having lived in Washington DC proper for eight years, I was accustomed to restaurants opening extra early. Let’s blame it on the maximizing-your-time-Type-A District culture. Saturdays and Sundays during those years consisted of an early spin and/or yoga class – love a back-to-back – followed by eggs and mimosas.

All of this is to preface that I was shocked at how late the restaurant where we brunched  last Saturday opened. It was only second to how shocked I was in regards to how cold it was. So much so, that when we went shopping at CVS – mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, makeup wipes, candle, you know the necessities – we waited until about three minutes until the restaurant was to open, only to arrive before it opened. Luckily there was a store next door that was opened. Unfortunately it was a sex shop. Desperate times.

A pair of tights would have been a good call. To break down the rest of the outfit, the coat came in tall, albeit eight years ago (linking a similar one, below). It has held up well and the style is a classic. I look forward to wearing it for years to come. The lace top (last seen here and here) is marked down with an additional percentage off and is available in tall and several colors.

This skirt is everything. It is tartan but does not scream holiday. Even though it is not available in tall, it does not have to be because the hemline is a modest one. Since there is so much fabric to the skirt, much like a pleated one I wore late last year and last week, going down a few sizes and wearing it on my true waist looks more flattering than my usual size.









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