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Despite the weather being in the twenties and thirties, at least on the east coast, it looks like spring has sprung at J.Crew. I am really into some of the new arrivals, especially the heels and the below dress.

I would typically expect a dress like this from J.Crew to be made of some sort of polyester blend. Checking the label for fabric is the first thing I do when I consider purchasing an item. Is it poly or acrylic or some other type of synthetic? If the answer is yes, then I reconsider making the purchase. For the past few years, too many items moving through J.Crew fall under that category. It is a full 180 degrees from the natural, yet high end fibers of its 1990s heyday.

But not this dress! This dress is wool / elastance, sourced from Lanificio di Tollegno, which is an Italian mill established in the mid-1800s. Further linking the dress to the brand’s 1990s heyday, is the style. It looks like something Charlotte York would have worn during one of the first few seasons of Sex and the City. The trench design recalls a trench coat and is there anything more classic than that?



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