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Old City Philadephia is home to my favorite vintage stores. Primarily known for being the gallery district in the city, it is also home to several goldmines when it comes to thrift shopping. Shopping the secondary market is something in which I have been engaging more often, as it is a sustainable practice, especially when it is from a local outpost rather than an online source. For the past few weekends, whenever I am in the area, I inevitably drag my husband into any store which has a secondhand rack. Count me in for any vintage frock from a classic label.

I bought this dress from Meadowsweet (47 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106) several weeks ago. It is a Brooks Brothers and from the looks of it, I would guess it was released circa 1982. Though the snaps and hook and eye closures were in less than perfect condition, those were easy enough to reinforce and more importantly, the pleats were in pristine condition. I was instantly smitten and at 72 dollars, can you blame me? Like my vintage concert tee shirt collection, this dress was instantly one of the most priceless items in my closet.

Just down the street from Meadowsweet is a two story bookstore, The Book Trader (7 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106). It is a secondhand bookstore and to say it is epic would be an understatement. I have left there with some amazing finds, my favorite being a coffee table book on contemporary art. Whenever we have guests in town, we always make sure to bring them to this two story bookworm gift from above. Two weekends ago, my husband and I happened to wander into a previously undiscovered room on the second floor that housed a collection of records that rival my father’s collection. And that my friends, is an extensive collection.












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