My Sweater Half

This tennis sweater is the one I have been on the perpetual search for and as such this is not its first appearance on my blog (see here¬†and here). It is modestly priced, at least relative to the brand and the quality has proven to be excellent. Even though it is only available in standard length sizes, the proportion still works on someone with a 6′-2″¬†frame, even in the sleeves.

The skirt has been this and last season’s MVP. Even though I gained weight since buying it, I am still able to wear it, albeit higher on my waist and although shorter than what I would prefer, the length is not completely inappropriate. I purchased the skirt in navy (last seen here and here) and ivory (last seen here and here), and my only regret is not buying the bright pink and the moody mustard versions. It comes in petite, standard, and tall (praise be!) sizes and up to size sixteen. Skirts for some of us, as the average size of the American woman is a fourteen. Shall we work on that? (Looking at you brands.)

Any peacoat is a classic. This navy blue one (last seen here) is Banana Republic circa autumn 2011. I am obsessed with the blue and white striped lining; it really is the frosting of this coat, don’t you think? The only downside is that the lining is at the sleeves only.

Funny story: I was on a date circa November 2011 and we decided to meet up with some of my friends at a more rowdy bar. [DC denizens: it was the basement of Saint Ex.] I left my coat in our booth to rage out on the dance floor. Upon leaving the bar and finding my coat, I insisted that what my date thought was my coat…was not my coat because I thought the lining was throughout the entire coat. He finally convinced me when he pointed out that the label was the same brand…and my same size…with lining in the sleeves.

The entire outfit feels almost like it would be worn by a deliciously evil 80s teen movie villain, doesn’t it? If that is not my vibe for 2019, then IDK what.







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