Tennis Sweater + Chinos

You can have your bike shorts but I’ll take a running skirt, rowing blazer, or tennis sweater any day. The former is entirely too trendy to be worn outside of a workout and during breaking a sweat, and that is only because Princess Diana very publicly sported them on her way in and out of her health club in the 90s. I once read a piece on why every girl’s wardrobe needs a leather pair. Laughable. I wonder if those shorts are still hanging in the promoting macro influencer’s closet.

Not likely.

My athleisure essentials, however, never ever go out of style. These staples have been in style since it was acceptable for women to participate in sports. Now that fall has fell, color me ready to live in my arsenal of tennis sweaters.

the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony tennis sweater

I always wanted a tennis sweater just like this one. It finally materialized in late 2020 and I bought nearly immediately after spotting it. It is part of the Pink Pony line at Ralph Lauren. 25 percent of Pink Pony merchandise purchase price is donated to the Pink Pony Fund of the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation. Per the company website, said foundation is committed to making a difference across its core areas of focus: supporting cancer care and prevention, protecting the environment, fostering advocacy and access, and strengthening community resilience. 

In 2022, the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation announced that it will provide $25 million in new grant funding to establish or expand five Ralph Lauren cancer centers, aimed at reducing disparities in cancer care and access across underserved communities in the United States.

The funding will benefit institutions with a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, including Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Ralph Lauren Cancer Center, as well as three additional locations that will be confirmed in collaboration with Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation. The White House recognized the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation’s philanthropic pledge as a leading example of how the public and private sectors are coming together and answering its call to action around its Cancer Moonshot mission to accelerate progress against the disease.

Ralph Lauren Corporate site

Even though we have been going through the pandemic during most of the time, I still do not wear it nearly enough. My favorite part might be the striping, particularly the navy and pink combination. I frequently have seen navy and yellow or navy and red striping, as well as copious combos at Rowing Blazers. Never the pink and blue, though.

I am wearing the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony tennis sweater in a size large. When I initially bought it, I was about nine months out from childbirth. The sweater was a bit more fitted then. These days it fits roomier that it used to but I adore the slouchy look and fit.

the Old Navy bootcut chinos

These chinos are the perfect pairing for a cricket or tennis sweater. Hell, pair it with a monogrammed cable knit and a pair of driving loafers for a preppy trifecta.

I actually go way back with this particular style. Along with a cashmere long sleeve tee style, this exact pair of Old Navy chinos in the five colors – black, navy, slate, khaki, stone – constituted my work wardrobe from 2017 to 2019. I was working in an office full of men and my style choices were the least of anyone’s critiques. By Friday night after dinner was finished, wash them all in preparation for the next week. I wore them so much that I ended up retiring them after I left that job.

sweater: Ralph Lauren Pink Pony • chinos: Old Navy • sunglasses: Ray Ban x Brooks Brothers • flats: Sarah Flint (use code SARAHFLINT-BALU for $50 off any pair of regularly priced shoes) • earrings: J.Crew • necklace: J.Crew • initial necklace: Maya Brenner via BaubleBar • bracelet: J.Crew • watch: Cartier (also here)

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