Better Sweater

While yes, it is true that leggings have had a stronghold on the market for over a decade, my idea of athleisure is cricket sweaters, sweat bands, and rowing blazers. I ditched the spandex in favor for a more classic lewk. This outfit is the picture of preptastic perfection from the cricket sweater to the headband to the RayBan Wayfarers to the ballet flats. Burn your bike shorts, or at least leave them with the bike.

the headband

Headbands have always been a preppy staple. Remember the reintroduction of them via Lauren Conrad during her early The Hills years? The reality star got them trending in 2006, but they were not major until a lead character in a CW teen drama sported one. Since Blair Waldorf donned one in the opening season of Gossip Girl, the brand was established as the headband standard. I certainly hope Jennifer Behr sent Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman a muffin basket.

I found this Jennifer Behr number on sale via Neiman Marcus. Finding Jennifer Behr headbands at Lele Sadoughi prices is my kink and I went on a collection streak of them. I am a sucker for the velvet, the huge knot, and the shade of pale pink.

the cricket sweater

Also known as tennis sweaters, cricket sweaters are a staple for preppies the world over. Count the number of appearances of the style in 1980s teen movies, particularly within house party scenes. I bet you will lose track. They dominated a scene in the Christmas classic, Trading Places.

Ralph Lauren, by way of his various labels, is the undisputed king of churning out cricket sweaters, though one can also find them via both classic heritage and contemporary labels. The particular sweater I wore as a part of this outfit is fantastic in terms of length. I had previously purchased (and returned) a style from the same brand and same label, Ralph Lauren Polo, as it was just too short on me.


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